• Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game

    An impactful piece of the yearlong 2014 Pepsi global football program, Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game brought music and film together to celebrate the world’s most beloved sport – football. From superstars like Kelly Rowland and newcomers like Jetta, to remixes from world-renowned DJs including R3hab and Switch and production from icons like Timbaland and Pharrell, the first of its kind visual album from Pepsi united tracks and film though the spirit and inspiration of the beautiful game.

    Award-winning directors including Spike Lee, Jessy Terrero, Diego Luna and Idris Elba created football-themed short films bringing the tracks to life. Each film captures a unique view of football culture through an inspirational “Live for Now” lens, connecting viewers to the power and unifying nature of the global sport.

    To experience it all for yourself, head to iTunes to download the 11-track Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game album and click through the thumbnails above to watch the films.

    Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game

    1. Janelle Monáe, “Heroes,” short film directed by The Young Astronauts

    2. Don Omar, “Pura Vida,” short film directed by Jessy Terrero

    3. Rita Ora, “I Will Never Let You Down (Switch Remix),” short film directed by Diego Luna

    4. R3hab feat. Eva Simons, “Unstoppable,” short film directed by Idris Elba

    5. Jetta, “Crescendo,” short film directed by Indrani

    6. Kelly Rowland, “The Game,” short film directed by Spike Lee

    7. Santigold, “Kicking Down Doors”

    8. Timbaland starring Rachel Assil, “Whoever We Are,” short film directed by The Kolton Brothers

    9. Pearls Negras, “Guerreira,” short film directed by Cine Favela

    10. Jolin Tsai Yl-ling, “Now is the Time”

    11. Hassan el Shafei, “Ahlam Men Gedial”

  • Janelle Monáe, “Heroes”

  • Kelly Rowland, “The Game”

    Artist: Kelly Rowland

    Director: Spike Lee

    The Setup: Filmed in the colorful streets of one of football’s epicenters—Rio de Janeiro, Brazil—renowned director Spike Lee follows a young boy on his quest to conquer the pavement.

    The Kicker: “The Game” was written by acclaimed songwriter and solo artist Sia Furler.

  • Jetta, “Crescendo”

    Artist: Jetta, produced by Pharrell

    Director: Indrani

    The Setup: Viewers of this powerful film are taken on journey through the streets of Jodhpur in Indrani’s home country of India, sharing the influence and impact the sport can have on young women.

    The Kicker: An inspiration in her own right, Indrani works to improve the lives of young women around the world through her foundation Shakti Empowerment Education, which she has co-directed for over 20 years, providing education, literacy and vocational training, a library, and a clinic, to 300 children and women.

  • Don Omar, “Pura Vida”

    Artist: Don Omar

    Director: Jessy Terrero

    The Setup: As a young football team struggles to unite together to win a game on the field, lessons learned on the dance floor prove the missing ingredient to their victory.

    The Kicker: “Pura Vida,” was nominated for a Latin GRAMMY Award in the category of Best Urban Performance.

  • Timbaland starring Rachel Assil, “Whoever We Are”

    Artists: Timbaland and Rachel Assil

    Director: The Kolton Brothers

    The Setup: This enchanting film uses a combination of live action and animation as a young boy with a deflated ball discovers fantastical players playing across buildings in his city.

    The Kicker: Rachel Assil shared this awesome photo of the film’s lead actor, Luis Navarro, holding the 560+ drawings it took to create the animations in the film. Watch the behind-the-scenes video to learn more about the illustrators and top-rate technology that made it happen.

  • Rita Ora, “I Will Never Let You Down (Switch Remix)”

    Artist: Rita Ora, remixed by Switch

    Director: Diego Luna

    The Setup: What starts out as a melancholic portrait of aging transforms into a message of hope and pure human spirit, as a group of senior citizens give it their all on the pitch.

    The Kicker: Diego Luna worked with the Liga de Interclubes de Fútbol Soccer Amateur, a real recreational football league in Mexico City, to bring his vision to life. “If you watch this you realize how simple, and for the same reason how powerful, football is.” —Diego Luna

  • Pearls Negras, “Guerreira”

    Artist: Pearls Negras

    Director: Armando Fonseca, Cine Favela

    The Setup: “Gueirrera” shows how football is an all-encompassing connector for every aspect of life in Brazil. It’s no surprise that the film-track for “Guerreira” gives such a vibrant depiction of Brazilian favelas—it’s an artistic collaboration film to track that showcases emerging talent from Brazil.

    The Kicker: Director Armando Fonseca’s film for “Guerreira” beat out dozens of others submitted by students and alumni of Cine Favela, a Brazilian non-profit supporting film education for aspiring directors. Partnering with Cine Favela was a meaningful way to find the story to bring this powerful song to life through film.

  • R3hab feat. Eva Simons, “Unstoppable”

    Artist: R3hab feat. Eva Simons

    Director: Idris Elba

    The Setup: Inspired by the golden age of football, the ‘70s, and “Unstoppable” tells the story of how an unlikely high schooler breaks down stereotypes with his expert football skills.

    The Kicker:  Check out the football skills master starring in “Unstoppable”: Zach Hamilton from North Carolina.