• Synched: The TGIF Playlist
  • 1 Synched: The TGIF Playlist
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  • Synched: The TGIF Playlist

    In 2015 you’re only a phone, some earbuds and a few clicks away from creating the soundtrack to your life. But finding the right song for that perfect moment is easier said than done. That’s where our “Synched” series comes into play. We’ll suggest five songs to help get you through some of the hallmark moments of your day. Since not all days are created equal—a summer road trip calls for very different tunes than a long day at work—we’ll provide playlists created specifically for the occasions, moods, and situations made better with music.

    Today we’ll be tackling one of life’s most difficult dilemmas, surviving a long Friday at work to make it to the weekend. In theory, Friday should be a breeze; you’re so close! But in reality it’s often the hardest day of the work week. Hey, the last mile of a marathon is the most grueling. Could it be that time has actually slowed? How else could you explain the clock moving at such a glacial pace? WHY ISN’T IT SATURDAY YET?! Never fear! As always, music is here to help you make it through. Press play on this TGIF playlist and you’ll be sleeping late on a Saturday morning before you know it.

    Image via Joseph Okpako/ Getty Images

  • 1. Waking Up: Asher Roth ft. ZZ Ward, “Parties at the Disco”

    As we explained in the intro, it’s often harder to drag yourself out of bed on a Friday morning than on a Wednesday morning. It feels like you should be rushing out the door screaming, “Just one more day!” In reality, it often feels more like, “Man, I can’t believe there’s still another day to go.”

    When you’re trying to convince yourself to throw off those bed sheets and get up, the last thing you need is a drill sergeant in your ear. Leave the hyper-energetic songs to spin class. What you need is a song like Asher Roth’s “Parties at the Disco,” that lightly brightens your day without shining a glaring spotlight on it. Hazy and calm, yet upbeat and positive, it strikes exactly the right balance. And as a bonus, it contains some subtle nods to that awesome party you’re going to hit on Saturday night. It’s just the thing you need to shower, eat breakfast and get to work.

  • 2. On the Way to Work: Alabama Shakes, “Hang Loose”

    Congratulations, you did it. You’re fed, dressed, and ready to hit the proverbial road. Still, there’s a small seed in the back of your head saying, “turn around, call in sick and start your weekend now.

    It’s a tempting thought, but you can do it! The Alabama Shakes are going to help. The guitar line on “Hang Loose” is like a jolt, and Brittany Howard’s powerful vocals are exactly what the doctor called for. She sings, “Just go with the tide and I’m gonna take care of you,” so beautifully. It’s great advice set to even better music. If everyone listened to the Alabama Shakes before coming to work, maybe work wouldn’t be so stressful after all. It’d certainly be a lot more musical. So don’t stress, just hang loose. Before you know it the day will be done.

  • 3. Lunch Break: Kanye West ft. GLC, “Spaceship”

    Long before Kanye was the uber-famous mad genius married to a Kardashian, he was just like you—counting the minutes until his work shift was over, day dreaming about the weekend. There still might not be a better song about making it through the 9-to-5 grind than “Spaceship.” Believe it or not, Kanye—or at least a younger Kanye—feels your pain. If he can make it through his shift at The Gap, you can make it through the rest of your work day. So finish off your lunch and get back in there!

  • 4. Closing Time: Lion Babe ft. Childish Gambino, “Jump Hi”

    Remember when you were a kid in school and the end of the day was looming? Your teacher was talking about biology or multiplication, but all you could hear was the ticking clock. The end of the day, and the start of the weekend, is just like that.

    At that point, put Lion Babe’s “Jump Hi” on repeat for an hour straight and you’ll be fine. Everything about this song is tailor-made for getting time to fly. From Jillian Hervey’s empowered voice to Lucas Goodman’s lightly cruising production (together they make up Lion Babe), “Jump Hi” is the kind of song that makes you dance in your chair. If your co-workers start staring at you, let them stare. Or better yet, share the music with them. Everyone deserves some “Jump Hi” in their life, no matter what day of the week it is.

  • 5. Walking Out of Work: Daft Punk ft. Pharrell, “Lose Yourself to Dance”

    YOU MADE IT! It wasn’t easy but here you are, walking out of the office and into your Friday night. As Pharrell sings, “I know your life is speeding and it isn’t stopping.” Well now it’s time to slow down, get in the moment, and enjoy life. TGIF. Just TGIF.