Go behind the scenes of Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game with directors Spike Lee, Diego Luna, Idris Elba and The Young Astronauts.

Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game is the brand’s first-ever visual album – a compilation of songs and short films celebrating the world’s most popular game — football.

To get an inside look at directors Spike Lee, Diego Luna, Idris Elba and The Young Astronauts’ exclusive videos, check out the behind the scenes videos above. You can learn about Diego Luna’s film for the Rita Ora track, “I Will Never Let You Down (Switch Remix).” As the Mexican actor/director describes, “If you watch this you realize how simple, and for the same reason how powerful, football is. It’s about a team. It’s about many working for one thing. And it’s about fans and players connecting.”

Or learn about Idris Elba and his inspiration for the R3hab track featuring Eva Simons, “Unstoppable.” The British actor and director “really loved the idea of being unstoppable,” and said, “the audience kind of get taken on a surprise ride” while watching his film.

And finally, get to know Alyssa Panque, a director from Toronto, Canada involved with The Young Astronauts directors collective. She worked closely with her group of young actors, and was also inspired by the uniting, team aspect of football.

To watch these directors’ distinct interpretations of the game come to life, check out pepsi.com/THEGAME and get the full album on iTunes.