Back in the day when people heard a piece of music live, all they had to relive the moment was a memory. Now that technology has made filesharing, recording and searching available at your fingertips, you can hear your favorite songs over and over again. But there are still those moments when you hear a song at a live concert and you can’t pinpoint it by the time you get home. Whether your Shazam app fails you, or you just never caught the name of the track, there’s a new took that’ll help you make sure that moment can’t slip through your fingers.

Setlist FM is the latest tool to help you figure out exactly what songs an artist plays live. It runs like a Wikipedia for concerts, consolidating user-generated content in a database of setlists from specific live shows. Search by artist, venue, tour or festival, and filter to the exact date to get the details about the specific songs you heard. Find out statistics about songs that are played the most and give back to the community by adding the names of songs you recognize when you’re out. Oh, and it’s free. Check out Setlist FM and never be forced to live your life without that sweet serenade you heard the night before again.