Within a year of the release of Jessie Ware’s debut album, Devotion, she was already performing at Coachella, a coveted slot most musicians take years to lock down. Known for her soulful voice and melancholy swagger, the dance track vocalist-turned-full fledged singer is carving out a down-tempo, yet energetic genre that’s all her own. Oh, and tastemaker/rapper A$AP Rocky was the first to hop on her single, “Wildest Moments,” adding an unquestionable cool to her rising stardom.

Jessie Ware first began to dabble in original music as a part of England’s emerging electronic dance movement with acclaimed producers like indie-electro stalwart, SBTRKT, and king of grime and dubstep, Joker. Ready to leave the club vibe for a more intimate approach, Jessie took what she acquired from observing the DJ circuit and applied it to classical songwriting. The sound she ended up crafting is a modern lo-fi approach to the stadium-hit, spinning huge atmospheres into music better fit for a small room. It’s radio meets bedroom R&B–think The xx, only slightly less dramatic and more dance-floor ready.

Devotion topped at No. 5 on the UK Billboard charts. Top 5 on her first record? A mere taste of the audio-universe Jessie Ware is capable of creating. With one album to her name, and big plans to tour in 2013, it’s clear the future holds great fortune for this rousing young artist. Click here to pick up a copy of Jessie Ware’s Devotion on iTunes and watch the video for her charting single, “Wildest Moments,” here!