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Instant gratification probably isn't a term heard swirling around Westeros all that much. For the past three years, Game of Thrones has clearly been playing the long game, and HBO's landmark fantasy series has been accused of indulging in languorous amounts of table setting, outside of the occasional lively wedding reception. But in trailer for season four, it looks like things are finally coming to a head as the different sides of the brewing conflict are finally starting to converge in the battle for the Iron Throne. Based on the trailer, here are the things that have us the most excited:

Dragons in Kings Landing
The trailer opens with a beastly shadow looming over King's Landing, one that can only be one of Daenerys' three dragons. We've been waiting three seasons for some siege-by-dragon action, and it looks like our patience may be finally be rewarded.


Tyrion is in Trouble
Tyrion seems to have traded the shackles of marriage for actual shackles, as we see him being led by a couple of soldiers in King's Landing. The former Hand of the King does have a knack for running his mouth when he shouldn't. Maybe Joffery finally got tired of his uncle's quips.

The Wildings Are Coming! The Wildings Are Coming!
A fierce band of Wildings led by Mance Rayder have climbed over the wall to lay waste to their neighbors to the south, and Jon Snow is seen warning his brothers in black about the coming attack, but will they take him seriously? Also, what will happen when Jon comes face to face with Ygritte? Their reunion will probably end with less reconciling and more arrows in body parts.

Even More Weddings
As we learned at the tail end of Season 3, weddings in Westeros are always pretty interesting, and they can vary from being awkwardly entertaining to making you reach for the nearest jug of eye-bleach. This season, there are two weddings on the plate: one between boy-king Joffery Baratheon and the ambitious Margaery Tyrell, while  his mother Cersei Lannister is slated to marry Ser Loras Tyrell. Hopefully neither wedding party booked Walder Frey's castle for the ceremony.

Season four of Game of Thrones premieres April 6.

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