• SKATERS NYC: This or That?
  • 1 SKATERS NYC: This or That?
  • 2 SKATERS NYC: This or That?
  • 3 SKATERS NYC: This or That?
  • 4 SKATERS NYC: This or That?
  • 5 SKATERS NYC: This or That?
  • 6 SKATERS NYC: This or That?
  • 7 SKATERS NYC: This or That?
  • 8 SKATERS NYC: This or That?
  • SKATERS NYC: This or That?

    SKATERS NYC are about to embark on the Escape From Chinatown Tour--a play on John Carpenter’s 1981 film Escape From New York. From top to bottom, the band’s look and sound are characterized by the youthful and carefree attitude of the young downtown New York crowd. After forming the band shortly over a year ago, Michael Ian Cummings, Josh Hubbard and Noah Rubin have played shows at almost every venue in the city’s underbelly--Mercury Lounge, Cake Shop, Pianos, Bowery Electric. They’ve become a staple of the downtown music scene faster than most bands manage to score their first gig, and they credit a lot of it to word-of-mouth.

    “You tell people you’re in the coolest band in New York City enough times and eventually they come to one of your shows,” says lead singer Cummings.

    Now the post-punk trio is heading to the UK to takeover the festival circuit and headline club shows, sharing their Warner Bros Records debut single, “I Wanna Dance" (But I Don't Know How).” They’re set to play 27 shows in 30 days, plus a special appearance on BBC Radio 1. “It’s something that a lot of bands don’t get to do,” says Cummings. “We’re super grateful that it’s happening. They’ve been championing us since our first EP.”

    One of the things that makes SKATERS special is the communal nature of the art they make. With music being shared and transmitted online more than ever before, the role of visual expression in music is changing and becoming more important. As Cummings put it, “It has to be way more exceptional now.” So they ask their friends to help make all the pretty, gritty, and visually-striking things that go along with their music extra special. Director and friend Danilo Parra worked on their last two videos, including the narrative and cinematic, “Armed,” that Cummings says was created for almost nothing.

    The guys have also put out two issues of an original zine called, YONKS. They’re limited edition and can only be purchased in person at a live SKATERS show.

    “It’s kind of like the old punk scene days—putting all the bands in one place becomes a thing,” says Cummings. “If you didn’t know about the scene, you can get this pamphlet and learn all about it in one place. We wanted to give people who wanted to see it something really unique—each one is special."

    We met up with SKATERS  to put their artistic skills to the test. Born out of an innocent game of This or That?, the guys created an exclusive series of original sketches. Click through the gallery above to learn a little bit about what they're into and answer the questions for yourself. This, or that?
  • 1. Dumplings or bacon cheeseburger?

  • 2. Johnny Cash or Elvis Presley?

  • 3. Plaid or leather?

  • 4. People watching or attention seeking?

    People watching.
  • 5. Two step or robot?

  • 6. Candles or incense?

  • 7. Take a shower or put a hat on?

    Shower and a hat!
  • 8. Digital or print?