In her new video for “Facemelt,” Rita Ora screams she’s ready to emblazon her name into the music biz in red neon lights this year. Enlisting world-famous photographer Rankin to direct, Ora embodies head on pop-vixen realness. The song is a full-throttle club hit loaded with clapping drums and a hard-hitting bass line. If it’s not playing in the club, it’s playing in the wrong speakers.

While Ora’s image to date has been driven by a street sensibility and hip hop-inspired coolness, her look in “Facemelt,” reaches for a more glamified, made up pop package à la Britney Spears. The combo of her slick hair and tight black corset top with the song’s wobbling production makes us think Ora could be kissing her festival days behind and reaching for world arena status. Go ahead, Rita.

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