Facebook.com/LMFAOThe Sorry for Party Rocking tour, featuring LMFAO and Far East Movement, got under way about a week ago, but Tuesday night, they're bringing the party to the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the city that's home to both groups. 

If you've seen LMFAO on one of their many award show appearances, you know a bit of what to expect from the group's live show -- an over-the-top production with inflatable zebras, dancers, breakaway pants, and neon everywhere.  But  group member Redfoo says it's really a very simple show, when you come right down to it.  "It's just gonna be two dudes, you know, wigglin', shufflin', saying some jokes in between songs," he says. "And just really connecting with the people and giving the people this whole LMFAO party rock experience."

As for Far East Movement's part of the show, the group is excited to be playing material from their upcoming album Dirty Bass.   Speaking about what fans can expect if they check out the tour -- which runs through July 5 --  group member Kev Nish tells ABC News Radio,  "They're gonna get a lot of the new album in this set. We feel it's our first time back...in a U.S. tour since the Lil' Wayne tour. So, it's only right that we drop a whole lot of new music, new instrumentation and all the good stuff."

One highlight of FEM's set is a performance of "Live My Life," their collaboration with Justin Bieber, except Justin can't be on tour with them so Kev Nish fills in. "I actually sing it," he tells ABC News Radio. "Yeah, I get down with my T-Pain...Auto-Tune mic, and I sing it." 

Asked why they didn't just create a Bieber hologram, like the one of Tupac that performed at the Coachella festival, Kev laughs, "Right now, we're not in that Coachella budget yet. Maybe one day in our careers. Right now, we can afford a cardboard cutout!" 

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