• Top 5 Movies To See This Summer
  • 1 Top 5 Movies To See This Summer
  • 2 Top 5 Movies To See This Summer
  • 3 Top 5 Movies To See This Summer
  • 4 Top 5 Movies To See This Summer
  • 5 Top 5 Movies To See This Summer
  • Top 5 Movies to See This Summer

    The release of Iron Man 3 this week isn’t just the latest installment in Robert Downey Jr.’s mega-franchise, it’s the unofficial kickoff to the summer movie season. Warmer weather may still seem far off, but before you know it you’ll be hiding from the heat in an air-conditioned movie theater, snuggled up to a Pepsi and some popcorn.

    We thought we’d help you start planning your summer trips to the theater now with a look at five must-see films headed our way. Plan accordingly!
  • 1. The Great Gatsby

    Release date: May 10

    Here’s what The Great Gatsby has stacked up so far: a script based on one of the great American novels, a soundtrack put together by the almighty Jay-Z that’s as highly anticipated as the movie, and Leonardo Dicaprio, one of the all-time kings of summer movies, in the leading role. Only time will tell, but with those heavy-hitters in its corner it looks like there’s no way The Great Gatsby will fail. Watch the trailer on YouTube to preview some of the buzzed about music.
  • 2. Man of Steel

    Release date: June 14

    Believe it or not, it’s now been seven years since that legendary “S” lit up the screens, which in superhero movie terms is an eternity. But with Christopher Nolan helming the reboot of the Superman series, and a new Clark Kent played by Henry Cavill, there’s real hope that Man of Steel will bring America’s favorite superhero back to life. Check out the latest trailer from Warner Brothers on YouTube.
  • 3. Elysium

    Release date: August 9

    Name a bad Matt Damon movie. Go ahead, we’ll give you a minute. Whether he’s playing a genius kid from South Boston in Good Will Hunting or a rogue CIA agent on the run in the Bourne series, Damon always seems to deliver. So there’s a very good chance that Elysium will emerge as this season’s biggest and best sci-fi thriller. After all, what’s the summer without a couple outer space shoot outs? Click here to check out the fully-loaded trailer on YouTube.
  • 4. Monsters University

    Release date: June 21 There will come a point when you just don’t want to watch another alien invasion movie, when you need something lighter and just more purely fun. When that points comes, turn to Monsters University. A prequel to Monsters Inc, by all indications this flick will continue Pixar’s streak of making movie for kids that adults will often end up enjoying even more. Check out the trailer for Monsters University on YouTube.
  • 5. Doin’ It In the Park (Pick-Up Basketball, NYC)

    Release date: Live stream it today!

    Big budget blockbusters are fine and good, but there are some great movies being made outside of major studio lots, including Doin’ It In The Park. Created by legendary DJ and sneaker aficionado Bobbito Garcia, In The Park is the first documentary to truly explore the history and impact of New York City’s renowned summer pick-up basketball scene.

    The winner of three film festivals and counting, In The Park will open in select cities, including Los Angeles and New York City, and hopefully expand from there, so keep an eye out or check it out from the comfort of your own home. Watch the trailer and stream or download direct from doinitinthepark.com.