• Demi Lovato’s Top 8 X Factor Moments
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  • Demi Lovato’s Top 8 X Factor Moments

    The X Factor franchise isn’t simply known for catapulting unknowns into music superstardom. After all, an essential for reality singing competitions is the all-star judging panel. For the second season of The X Factor USA, Simon Cowell enlisted former Disney starlet Demi Lovato, who would offer a younger perspective. Joining fellow judges Cowell, music exec L.A. Reid and pop music legend Britney Spears last fall, she offered precise critiques and plenty of LOL-worthy moments.

    These days, the 20-year-old singer is back on the charts with her latest hit, “Heart Attack,” the lead single off of her upcoming album, Demi. Now that she’s also been confirmed to return as a judge for Season 3, let’s rejoice with Demi Lovato’s Top 8 X Factor Moments.
  • 1. Getting Spit On by Britney Spears

    The auditions in Greensboro, N.C. got stormy when the judges were startled by thunder. The judges may have been indoors, but there were waterworks when an especially terrified Britney spit on Demi. “I spit all over you, I’m sorry,” said Britney. But there was no need for an apology: getting spit on by the queen of pop has got to be some kind of baptism. Grab your umbrella and watch the clip here.
  • 2. Flirting with Emblem 3

    As a judge, Demi possessed wisdom and experience way beyond her years. But behind all that, Demi was a normal 20-year-old who couldn’t help but swoon over Emblem 3’s audition. After noticing her critiques for the boy group bordered on come-ons (“You guys are so cute!”), their mentor Simon shut her down. Watch Demi bat her lashes at the boys in this clip.
  • 3. Being told to stay away from Niall of One Direction

    Sharing a candid moment with Simon backstage, Demi said, “By the way, Niall says hi,” referring to Niall Horan, the member of One Direction and her rumored beau at the time. With Niall also being one of Simon’s protégés discovered on The X Factor UK, he gave Demi a fatherly warning: “Keep away from him. He’s pure!” Watch Simon dole out his warning in this clip.
  • 4. Performing with Fifth Harmony

    Every year for the finale, the top 3 finalists share the stage with a music veteran. And when it came time to recruit a collaborator for Simon’s girl group Fifth Harmony, they didn’t have to look too far – enlisting fellow judge Demi Lovato to help sing her hit “Give Your Heart a Break.” Having a love-hate relationship with their mentor Simon, Demi rubbed in the irony of it all when she strutted off the stage to sing in Simon’s face. Watch Demi belt it out here.
  • 5. Spitting mints into Simon’s hand

    When The X-Factor hit Providence, R.I. for auditions, Demi asked Simon for one mint. Never missing an opportunity to take a jab at her, he suggested she should have 12 instead. Taking him up to task, she stuffed her mouth with them until she had to give a critique. “Here you go, Simon,” she said, regurgitating all the mints into his hand. Watch Demi's affectionate mint disposal in this clip.
  • 6. Connecting with Jillian Jensen

    From the very first episode, Demi connected with the contestants, particularly Jillian Jensen of Massachusetts. Not only was the 19-year-old a fan of Demi’s, both had “stay strong” tattoos representing similar personal struggles. After Jillian’s raw rendition of Jessie J’s “Who You Are,” a teary-eyed Demi walked over to the stage to give her a hug. Watch Demi react to Jensen's performance here.
  • 7. Putting Simon in his place

    After sitting next to several judges over the years, Simon finally met his match in Demi. During auditions, when a hopeful shared he had a dog named Paul Newman, Simon quipped, “If I had a dog, I’d call it Demi.” Becoming known for her comebacks, she responded with, “If I had a pig, I’d call it Simon.” Watch Demi get sassy in this clip.
  • 8. Offering Simon a mint

    During the auditions, Simon and Demi fought with unlikely weapons: breath mints. One of Demi’s first sassy moments was offering her boss a mint after he got too close for comfort, telling him, “You need to take a breath mint if you’re going to get that close to my face.” Simon took the mint, just as viewers took in Demi as a judge. Watch Demi tell Simon like it is here.