We have some very exciting news to share! We’ve been spending the week in Miami with the newest members of the Pepsi music family, 3Ball MTY. The Latin Grammy Award-winning DJs have changed the face of Latin Music, infusing it with the dance-driven energy of Tribal Guarachoso. Their music is made to fuel all night parties, mixing Mexican Tribal and Cumbia influences with the four-to-the-floor heat of Western house. Infamous for throwing some of the biggest house parties in Mexico, the three young DJs told us how they sparked the wildfire that’s spread their music all across the Americas.

“We used to split up and play three separate parties at three separate locations at the exact same time in one night. We’d connect with bigger crowds and have the chance to reach more people that way. We did it to connect on a different level, sort of like what Swedish House Mafia is doing now, but in reverse. At this point we get to play all together as a group. As long as people feel the music and dance in their own way, we love it,” says Erick. Could it be that Swedish House Mafia learned a thing or two from these rising stars? No matter what, people all over the world are catching the tribal fever and there’s no doubt in our minds you’ll hear their sounds seeping into DJ sets and mixes all over the world very soon.

As you might have heard, they’re nominated for a ton of awards tonight at the Billboard Latin Music Awards tonight. To celebrate we’ve put together a special surprise for you. 3Ball’s brand new single, “Vive Hoy,” will premiere in a brand new spot during the show. Join Pepsi, 3Ball MTY and the rest of Miami tonight through a livestream of the entire evening on Telemundo. Vive hoy!