The debut music video from Selena Gomez’ album Stars Dance proves just how ready she is to make the transition from teen actress to full-fledged pop star.

Gomez describes the influences for the Stargate-produced song as soulful and energetic. The video to boot puts Gomez in shoes that many great female pop icons have worn before, the trope of a tribal princess. Like Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor,” video and Rihanna’s, “Where Have You Been,” the earthy, “castaway,” vibe gave Gomez the opportunity to let loose and give her performance everything she has.

Incorporating elements like Bollywood themed choreography, Indian-inspired jewelry and sari-esque costumes draws out the traditional Indian instruments and drum patterns in the song itself. Scenes with her mysterious male co-star give the love story a swoon-worthy leading man. Selena definitely isn’t going for the Disney-fied image any more.

Watch the video for “Come and Get It,” on YouTube and stay tuned for the album and a tour to follow!