• Three Things You Didn’t Know About Solange
  • 1 Three Things You Didn’t Know About Solange
  • 2 Three Things You Didn’t Know About Solange
  • 3 Three Things You Didn’t Know About Solange
  • Three Things You Didn't Know About Solange

    Solange has been busy. She just released a mini music video for “Locked in Closets,” and dropped a brand new version of “Looks Good With Trouble,” featuring Kendrick Lamar. Somehow she still had time to cover this month’s issue of Complex Mag looking fit, fresh and ready to take on the world--on her own terms.

    She discusses the challenges and rewards of being an independent artist, the story of how she made her incredible, “Losing You,” music video, and her relationship with the most important man in her life--her producer!

    Click through the gallery above to find out three things you didn’t know about Solange and head to Complex for the full feature.

  • 1. She pooled airmiles with her mom to make the “Losing You,” video.

    Solange filmed the video for “Losing You” in Cape Town, South Africa and called on mom to help out with flights for her crew. The miles she racked up flying around the world, plus the ones Tina had stored away were enough to book flights for everyone.

    It’s an independent label, so with that creative independence comes some financial independence. I had to get very creative with how I was gonna pull it all together. Having an intimate team makes you much more resourceful. It comes out the way you want it to, and there’s not a committee of thinkers and observers.
  • 2. She doesn’t think about her career in business terms.

    Someone asked me, ‘What quarter are you trying to come out?’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, I haven’t heard that in so long!’” Solange cracks up at the thought.

    It’s just about putting the music out when it’s ready. When I wake up in the morning, I get dressed for myself, I listen to what I wanna listen to, I make decisions for me. It’s been interesting to navigate that from such a young age so publicly. But life is short and you have to live for you. I would never wanna look back on my life and feel like I missed out on any of that.
  • 3. She shacked up with her producer, Dev Hynes to create the album.

    We were either staying in a rented house or he was staying with me, my boyfriend, and my son. Everything that happened on this record was literally waking up, him usually before me, going and creating the bones to the track and then me rolling over and hearing it while I’m fixing breakfast. When you’re making music like that, where it’s a natural extension of your day, it’s so much more enjoyable."