• Top 5 Arrested Development Moments
  • 1 Top 5 Arrested Development Moments
  • 2 Top 5 Arrested Development Moments
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  • Top 5 Arrested Development Moments

    Arrested Development garnered one of the biggest cult followings in the history of television. It follows members of the ever-dysfunctional Bluth Family in the wake of the collapse of their fortune. Its beloved characters, subtle running jokes and Ron Howard’s voice as the consistent narrator, Arrested Development had critics raving.

    After a seven year drought, the Bluths are finally back! As part of their instant streaming service, Netflix will drop an entire fourth season this Sunday, May 26. All 15 episodes will go live at once, meaning viewers can move on to the next as soon as they’re done with the episode they’re watching. Talk about instant gratification!

    According to Portia de Rossi, each episode is made to stand alone and watching in different orders gives different perspectives on the season as a whole. That will likely make it a whole lot easier to jump in if you’ve never seen the show before. For anyone who loves the Bluths already, or anyone who needs a first introduction, here are the Top 5 Arrested Development Moments.
  • 1. Tobias "Blue Himself."

  • 2. Buster’s Hand.

    In season 2, Michael’s youngest brother, Buster loses his hand to a seal attack while he is swimming in the ocean for the very first time. The swim is an act of defiance against his mother Lucille who had forbidden it. Buster found out Lucille had been lying to him about the identity of his father and took to the waves to rebel. When he returns from the hospital to recover he accidentally wounds a family member and seems to notice that his missing hand has been replaced with a hook for the first time.

    Watch Buster’s reaction to his new hand in season 2, episode 12 on YouTube.
  • 3. The “Mayon-egg.”

  • 4. “There’s always money in the banana stand.”

    In the second episode of Arrested Development Michael visits his father, George in jail to try to salvage the family business after his arrest. This is the first time of many that George offers his son some sage financial advice: “There’s always money in the banana stand.” Michael thinks his father is referring to the Bluth banana stand as a business venture, when in reality it’s the hiding place for a large sum of cash.

    Watch George react to the news that Michael unknowingly decided to burn the banana stand down at the end of season 1.

  • 5. Tobias is a “Never Nude.”