The Top 5 Celebrity Manicures of 2013 So Far

“Do her nails match her vibe?” might be the 2013 version of, “Do her shoes match her purse?” Nail art isn’t just a trend, it’s a full fledged movement in the world of beauty and fashion. It’s easy to personalize, totally DIY-able and a great way to express your mood, style and inspiration.

Of course, celebrities are a big part of what fuels the nail art fire. Now every single time a camera pans a red carpet event a close-up on the nails is almost as important as a full body shot of the outfit itself. 2013 has seen its fair share of outrageous nail decisions, we’ve narrowed it down to the Top 5 Celebrity Manicures of 2013 So Far. Click through the list above and try them out at home! Photo via: MP Nails

Katy Perry, Joan of Arc nails

When Katy Perry gets her nails did she does NOT play. At the Met Gala this year attendees were challenged to find outfits to fit the punk theme that had Anna Wintour confused. Perry, on the other hand knew exactly which punk she wanted to emulate, tweeting this picture of her gold-ornamented nails, “Tonight for The Met I am channeling the OG queen of PUNK, JOAN of ARC!.” Check out more of Katy's nail masterpieces on Instagram.

Rita Ora, Red Power Nails

Rita Ora loves showing off her nails on Instagram. From tiny oil painting-esque angels to classy nude with gold studs at the Met Gala, it seems like she’s always on her way out of the salon. These bold, long and square red tips she posted on Insta last month really express her personality though. Baby Rita could've been born with these nails. Peep more of Rita's manicures on Instagram.

Alexis Krauss, Black, White and Studded All Over

Alexis Krauss has a set of nails that are infamous in the beauty world. Always intricate, overstated and completely original, it’s clear that these tips are top priority for the Sleigh Bells lead singer. These black and white beauties she posted on Instagram last week show that Alexis knows how to be punk and mod at the same time. Killing em! Follow her on Insta to keep up with the greatness. 

Demi Lovato, Black Half Moons

A simple half moon is the perfect nail choice to say, "I'm professional but also style-savvy." Demi Lovato forgoes the bells and whistles in favor of this classy, clean manicure with an edge in shiny black. Then again, knowing Demi’s taste you can bet she’ll get the itch to do something crazy again soon like these graffiti-themed nails. Check Demi's Instagram to see how she stunts in the nail salon.

Zooey Deschanel, Golden Film Reels

Zooey Deschanel is quirky from head-to-toe, and her nails definitely can’t be excluded. For this year’s Golden Globes she took a literal approach to her manicure with these golden film reel designs. Lights, camera, polish! Keep up with her cooky nail ways on Instagram.