No one looks better in a silk and taffeta prom dress than the queen of awkward-charm, Zooey Deschanel. In her latest video, the “she” of She & Him poses as a diner waitress serenading her bitter, stuffy customer. The song is a tale of missed opportunity, Deschanel croons, “I could have been your girl,” while her musical counterpart, M. Ward somehow manages to ignore her doe-eyed professions. Who can truly resist a pretty girl doing the mashed potato?

‘60s choreography and a wardrobe that looks like it came straight out of the Hairspray musical accent the song’s sweet-than-sugar retro sound. It’s the hipster version of an unrequited love story. It takes place in a coffee shop that looks like it might be the cafeteria at a nursing home. Zooey even throws in some random props for good measure like a couple piñatas and a giant, fake cigar. Logical? Not so much. Adorable? Very.

“I Could Have Been Your Girl,” is the latest single off She & Him’s Volume 3 released on Merge Records. Watch the video above and prepare the fall in love with Deschanel ten times over.