• Five Russian Artists You Should Know
  • 1 Five Russian Artists You Should Know
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  • Five Russian Artists You Should Know

    Who doesn’t enjoy being the first to discover a “new” artist? These five Russian stars are breaking into the world music scene fast, and they’ve all successfully dominated the charts back home. Check out our roundup of the Five Russian Artists You Should Know.
  • 1. Nyusha

    Nyusha is Russia’s pop princess, and she doesn’t take that title lightly. Expect plenty of hair whipping and hip popping à la Britney Spears from this 22-year-old, whose claims to fame include writing the final song for the heroine on the dubbed version of the movie Enchanted. Check out the song that solidified her pop presence back in 2010, “Don’t Interrupt,” as well as her most recent chart topping hit, “Naedine.”
  • 2. Elka

    With age comes maturity (sometimes) and in Elka’s case, maturity brings a whole lot of soulful vocals that has attracted a global fan base. Her voice is reminiscent of Adele: Fans love her precisely because her sound is a departure from pop’s decidedly more girlish vocals.  When she isn’t cranking out singles like “Provence” and “About You” she also coaches young stars as a judge on the Ukrainian version of The X Factor.

  • 3. Dima Bilan

    One of Russia’s most endearing stars, Dima Bilan has managed to steal many young Russian hearts on his way to male pop stardom. In 2008, Bilan won the Eurovision competition (Europe’s most popular singing competition) with his single “Believe,” and in 2009, Glamour Russia named him Man of the Year.  Check out some of his more recent hits, including “I’m Suffocating” and “Come Into My World.” Somebody should get this man a boy band, stat.
  • 4. Maksim

    There’s nothing gimmicky about Marina Sergeevna Abrosimova, who took the Russian charts by storm when her first album hit in 2006 under her stage name, Maksim. Seven years later, her playful performances and undeniable vocal talents (fan favorite “Loner” is a must-hear) have kept her at the forefront of the Russian music scene, as well as landing her a fervent international following. Her fourth album, entitled Another Reality, dropped last month. Click here to check out the title track.

  • 5. Timati

    Arguably one of the most recognizable Russian-born rappers in recent years, Timati (Timur Ildarovich Yunusov) has been carving out a place for himself in hip-hop’s global ranks ever since his first album, Black Star, dropped back in 2006. Since then, he’s put out two more albums, started his own record label company, Black Star Inc., and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Timati has had the support of several notable collaborations with American rappers including Snoop, Diddy, and Timbaland. Sample some of his club-friendly beats like “Groove On,” and “Forever,” and keep up with his latest on Twitter.