Apparently 80% of Mexico’s fireworks are produced in Tultepec, which happens to also be the site of the country’s annual National Pyrotechnic Festival. See the sparks fly in a photo series by Thomas Prior. [Huh?]

Finding the perfect electronic music mix means balancing the art of selection, with expert mixing, and a little extra pizzaz to give it cohesion. These are the ones from 2013 that hit all three notes, pardon the pun. [Do Androids Dance?]

It seems like Jame Fauntlroy might be Drake’s new favorite vocalist. A new version of “On My Way,” features his smooth-as-honey crooning to follow up his previous feature on Drake’s “Girls Love Beyonce.” [Pitchfork]

If the names Cory and Topanga mean anything to you, you’ll be thrilled to know that a new TV comedy called Girl Meets World will follow up the popular ABC sitcom of the inverse name. Yes, it features the same actors and yes, they still look pretty much the same. [USA Today]

In the ‘80s, anchorman, Ron Burgundy moved to New York. At least, that’s what happens in the trailer for Anchorman 2. [The Telegraph]