Then: On this day in 1970, The Guess Who’s, “American Woman” was #1 on The Billboard Hot 100

The Guess Who hit #1 on the charts forty-three years ago with a single that started out as a jam session. After making up “American Woman,” on the spot during a live performance, they were into the sound and decided to record it. Some Americans took offense to the song, but the Canadian rockers insist that they’re not anti-anything. The song was written after a particularly grueling tour that had them missing their sweethearts at home.

Click here to listen to “American Woman,” on YouTube.

Now: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are back on top with “Can’t Hold Us”

It seems like there’s something about Macklemore’s music that the Billboard charts find magnetic. After spending weeks in the number one spot for “Thrift Shop,” the Seattle rapper is posted up in his favorite position once again with “Can’t Hold Us.”

Watch the video for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us” ft. Ray Dalton on YouTube.