NTS Radio is the perfect example of a project born out of following dreams and staying committed to a certain goal. After being fired from his job, Femi Adeyemi decided enough was enough and embarked on a journey he’d been thinking about for years. With a few thousand pounds out of his own wallet, he set up a radio station.

NTS Radio made its first broadcast on April 4, 2011 and since then the station has expanded immensely, winning over the ears of UK listeners with sizeable and diverse playlists. “There’s something there for everyone, and if not, you’re bound to find out about something new or something you’ve never heard before. I can’t think of many other stations that have that,” Adeyemi states in an interview with The Fader. NTS started out with around 30 shows and 50 DJs. Two years later they have over 130 shows and global recognition.

NTS programming runs on a democratic model. Anyone can be involved as long as they’ve got a good idea for a show. Show hosts pay a small monthly fee for their place on the schedule to cover running costs. The show are entirely ad-free. Unlike many playlist-generating online radio stations, NTS stays away from repetitive playlists. Every show has a unique sound and vibe driven by the DJ’s passion and imagination.

Check out NTS Radio and the hundreds of shows on their website. Incase you missed a show or want to download your favorite, check out NTS Radio’s Soundcloud.