On August 19th, Little Monsters will be clapping their hands for Lady Gaga's long-awaited new single, due out that day, and now comes word that the song may actually be called "Applause."

Gaga's makeup artist and close friend, Tara Savelo, posted a photo on Gaga's social networking site LittleMonsters.com showing a woman who looks like Gaga sitting in front of an easel, working on what looks like artwork for a single.  Written across the top in red is the word "Applause."  Savelo captioned the photo "26 days" -- and it was indeed posted 26 days before August 19.

Gaga herself followed that up with a post of an image from a notebook, which she explained by writing, "Documented this album/app ARTPOP project in a series of notes and books, with visual ideas and sketches throughout. i take this book everywhere." 

The image shows a rough sketch of what looks like a stage with fans in front of it.  On the stage is a pedestal supporting what looks like a bird in a cage.  There are also song lyrics: "If only fame had an IV/Baby I could bear being away from you/I found the vein put it in here."  Gaga has also drawn an arrow pointing to the birdcage-thing.

What does all this mean?  As usual, Gaga will be keeping fans in suspense until the last moment.

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