• The Best Auto-Tune Tunes of 2013 So Far
  • 1 The Best Auto-Tune Tunes of 2013 So Far
  • 2 The Best Auto-Tune Tunes of 2013 So Far
  • 3 The Best Auto-Tune Tunes of 2013 So Far
  • 4 The Best Auto-Tune Tunes of 2013 So Far
  • 5 The Best Auto-Tune Tunes of 2013 So Far
  • The Best Auto-Tune Tunes of 2013 So Far

    The utilization of Auto-Tune in pop music hasn’t been as prevalent in today’s scene as it was a few years back, but it’s still an audible treat when done properly. Popularized by the likes of T-Pain, Kanye West and Daft Punk and spread throughout each musical genre, Auto-Tune provides listeners with a strikingly digitized version of an artists’ voice, giving a song an extra layer of liveliness and sound.

    2013 has seen its fair share of artists applying the melodic “robotic” style to their advantage, and whether the topic is love, determination, or just having fun, the Auto-Tune effect always becomes a delightful addition. Here are the Top 5 Auto-Tune Songs in 2013 So Far.

  • 1. Michael Bublé, “It’s a Beautiful Day”

    Michael Bublé may be best known for his dynamic vocal range and an affinity for jazz, but his latest single “It’s a Beautiful Day” is a fantastic pop record that showcases his impressive songwriting abilities. This is enhanced by the slight inclusion of Auto-Tune, with Bublé discovering the brighter side of being single. "I think if it's not overused, it's okay. I have a feeling that if Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra were alive today, they might just use it once in a while," he told NPR.  “It’s a Beautiful Day” is from Bublé’s new album, To Be Loved, which likewise features a medley of enjoyable tunes worth checking out.

    Click here to watch the music video for Micheal Bublé’s music video “It’s a Beautiful Day.”

  • 2. Flo Rida Ft. Future, “Tell Me When You Ready”

    Flo Rida has been a fan favorite of the radio and Billboard charts, and with good reason. His latest album, Wild Ones, features four Top 10 records that arguably became the soundtrack of 2012, and his latest song “Tell Me When You Ready” is no different. Built over melodic synth and heart-pounding drums, it’s charismatic and catchy, as guest rapper Future connects with a refreshing Auto-Tune chorus that will have listeners singing along all across America.

    Click here to listen to Flo Rida’s song “Tell Me When You Ready.”

  • 3. PARTYNEXTDOOR, “Make A Mil”

    Not much information is available on PARTYNEXTDOOR, an R&B artist who has come under the guise of Toronto rapper Drake, but it’s clear on “Make A Mil” that he’s a very talented individual with a knack for the melodic. His use of Auto-Tune on his latest record only adds to his mystique, as PARTYNEXTDOOR intensely serenades a special woman that he admires.

    Click here to listen to PARTYNEXTDOOR’s song “Make A Mil.”

  • 4. Miley Cyrus, “We Can’t Stop”

    Miley Cyrus has certainly matured since she first hit the music scene in 2007 with her debut album, Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus. Sporting an edgier, more playful sound in 2013, her new single “We Can’t Stop” is the type of record that was made for stadiums. Over producer Mike WiLL Made It’s pulsing beat, Miley details her carefree demeanor, utilizing Auto-Tune to drive her point home. If “We Can’t Stop” is a slice of what’s to come on Miley’s untitled fourth studio album, we definitely can’t wait to hear what’s next.

    Click here to watch the entertaining music video for Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.”

  • 5. will.i.am Ft. Justin Bieber, “#thatPOWER”

    Whether working with his celebrated group The Black Eyed Peas or branching off as a solo artist, will.i.am possesses an immaculate ear for incorporating different genres into his music. In one record you can hear hip-hop, house and pop undertones booming throughout, which is exactly what occurs on his new song “#thatPOWER.” will.i.am compliments this medley of sounds with Auto-Tune vocals, and with Justin Bieber guiding the songs direction on the chorus, “#thatPOWER” has a worldly feel to it that is undeniable.

    Click here to watch the music video for “#thatPOWER” from will.i.am.