• Five Things To Know About Kanye West x A.P.C.
  • 1 Five Things To Know About Kanye West x A.P.C.
  • 2 Five Things To Know About Kanye West x A.P.C.
  • 3 Five Things To Know About Kanye West x A.P.C.
  • 4 Five Things To Know About Kanye West x A.P.C.
  • 5 Five Things To Know About Kanye West x A.P.C.
  • Five Things To Know About Kanye West x A.P.C.

    Kanye West and A.P.C.’s capsule collaboration has been getting ridiculously hyped up for a while, and now that it is finally here you deserve to know all the facts about before you spend money on a hefty price tag. From how the collaboration started to some exclusive information about apparel, here are the 5 Things To Know About Kanye West x A.P.C. courtesy of our friends over at Four Pins.

  • 1. Sometime in 2001, Kanye West meets A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou.

    In an interview with GQ, Jean Touitou talks about how the two originally met:

    "Over two years ago, a visitor to the A.P.C. studio was announced to me as "Kenny." He wanted my advice on the fashion industry; although I found such a request quite vague, as a mutual friend introduced us, I met with the guy. The guy talks, talks and talks and I was having a good time listening. He had nice manners and spoke about losing his mother in a surgery accident, about losing his girlfriend too, and about how difficult doing the right thing in fashion was. After a while, I was curious to know what this gentleman was currently doing in his life. I simply asked him: "May I know what your trade is, sir?" He took his shades down, so that finally I could see his eyes, and answered me: "I am a hip-hop artist."

    At some point my crew informed me that his name was West, Kanye West. I introduced him to the A.P.C. design studio, and he kept asking how he could start something in that fashion industry. This is when we all advised him to start that something in France, and keep quiet about fashion noise while learning about it. Then later, as we became friends, he invited me to his recording studio at Hôtel Meurice. At the time he was working with Jay-Z on an album, which wasn't already named, Watch the Throne. Over the months, we kept hanging out and finally came up with the idea of doing a small capsule collection of clothes together. "Small" meaning that this capsule collection consists of a jean, a hoodie and a T-shirt. Those are precious to me and to Kanye too, because it took time and thoughts to get there."

  • 2. December 2012, Touitou releases a photo of Kanye and himself working together.

    This picture ignited the rumors of the two collaborating together.

  • 3. July 7, 2013, A.P.C. officially confirms the July 14 collaboration and the specific 10am EST release via their Twitter and website.

    The rumors finally get put to rest. A.P.C. took to Twitter to confirm the release of the collection and also gave us a sneak peak at one of the denim pieces.

  • 4. Jean Touitou unveils more details about the collection.

    In an interview with GQ, Touitou unveils that the collection would be small and consists of one denim bottom, one T-shirt and one hoodie.

  • 5. The Four Pins breakdown.

    Four Pins rounded up the essential details regarding A.P.C. X KANYE.

    On the denim: "The APC Kanye jean is a customized version of the original CURE cut. Kanye said '…they’re like my old Dior’s.'" On the price: "Expect it to be up there.” On the original scale of the collaboration: "The collection was supposed to be much larger, but Kanye scrapped it. There was supposed to be a chambray shirt included, but it got cut because Kanye changed his mind on the sleeves." On availability: "It’s a pretty big run." On Kanye's perfectionism: "It sounds like the most frustrating project [A.P.C.'s] worked on. [Kanye] wanted to make changes up to, and after, the last minute." On Jean Touitou's frustration: "Basically, Jean issued an ultimatum saying SOMETHING needed to be released or he wouldn't work with him, so they compromised." Now that you've got some solid background on one of the hottest collaborations of 2013 head to A.P.C. to pick up your very own "Hip Hop T-shirt." If your thirst for Ye'.P.C. knowledge hasn't yet been quenched, check out the full run-down on Four Pins.