• The Top 5 Rihanna Remixes Of All Time
  • 1 The Top 5 Rihanna Remixes Of All Time
  • 2 The Top 5 Rihanna Remixes Of All Time
  • 3 The Top 5 Rihanna Remixes Of All Time
  • 4 The Top 5 Rihanna Remixes Of All Time
  • 5 The Top 5 Rihanna Remixes Of All Time
  • The Top 5 Rihanna Remixes Of All Time

    Have you heard “Diamonds” 1,000+ times already this summer? Rihanna’s on top of the world right now, but even the best songs can suffer from overplay. Here, we rounded up the top Rihanna remixes out there right now, from industry heavyweights inside and outside of the hip-hop community including Kanye West, Tiesto, and Coldplay. It’s guaranteed to put spin on your current Rihanna playlist, and make you fall in love with her hits all over again.
  • 1. “Diamonds” Remix by Kanye West

    Kanye West lays down some of his own verses in this rendition of Rihanna’s global hit, “Diamonds.” It’s fairly tame in comparison to the world class ranting and raving that is Yeezus, but he still packs in a few well placed lines like: "Your mouth running, but where is you going?"

    Get at those haters, Kanye.

  • 2. “Love Song” Remix by DJ Sliink

    The king of the Jersey club sound twisted “Love Song” into an electronic dance hit using the slightly chaotic mix of fast beats and cut up vocals that he’s best known for.

  • 3. “Pour It Up” Remix by AraabMUZIK

    An Internet-bred DJ celebrity, AraabMUZIK has turned his unique style on “Pour It Up,” taking the familiar slow beat and churning out a bass heavy mix that takes a surprising turn in the middle. Next play on the speakers? It should be.

  • 4. “Stay” Remix by Tiesto

    It was a given that as soon as Rihanna’s soulful ballad “Stay” dropped, there were going to be plenty of DJs trying to put a heavy dance beat behind it. Tiesto’s remix in particular is successful because he doesn’t drown out the golden vocals that made the song the hit that it is; instead, he wraps his famous house beats around and between the vocals, merging the best of both worlds.

  • 5. Coldplay cover of “We Found Love”

    “We Found Love” got the Coldplay treatment live on BBC Radio 1. Lead singer Chris Martin has no problem hitting the high notes, and the instrumentals replacing the hard-hitting club beats gives a softer, more heartfelt perspective to the song.