• Superfan Bucket List: 5 Things To Do To Prove You're The Ultimate Fan In Your Lifetime

    Hey you, are you tired of blending in with the crowd of “wannabee” fans? Are you looking for a way to show your favorite musician how much you really care? Do you want bragging rights on every fan page? If so, this list of tasks is here to test your devotion.  Anyone can say that they’re the biggest fan, but this bucket list proves your passion and dedication to your favorite artists. Click through the list of Things To Do To Prove You're The Ultimate Fan and see if you can get a follow-back on Twitter out of it.

  • Follow Your Favorite Artist on Tour

    If you love an artist as much you say, following them on tour must be a dream come true, right? Right. Go travel all over the world, crowd surf, and sing until your lose your voice. It will make for some great memories and other fans jealous. Besides, after a while the security guards might start to recognize you, invite you backstage, and before you know it you'll be singing the chorus for the next single. Right? We think so.

  • Tattoo Their Name/Face On Your Body

    Drake's “Tat my name on you girl so I know it’s real,” line is not only genius, but has universal meaning. Nothing proves your dedication more than a permanent tattoo. It could be something small, like a song reference or a symbol, or you could go with something a little more blatant a la the artists name in cursive or a massive face tattoo on your back. Either way it will separate you from all the fakers out there.
  • Start A Cover Band

    Performing with your favorite artist on stage might be a bit of a stretch, but performing as your favorite artist takes seconds. Team up with friends, buy matching outfits, create a set list, and you're ready to start your music career. Travel city-to-city singing some fan-favorite hits and watch all the hardcore fans feel jealousy as you hit the high note that they’ve probably been performing in their bathroom mirror for so long. One point for you.

  • Name Your Child After Something Inspired By Your Favorite Artist

    Every musician works as hard as they can so when they retire from the stage their name still lives on. If you are truly the ultimate fan you will help that artists name live on from generation to generation. You must be asking yourself “How in the world do I do that?” It’s simple, name your children after the artist or something inspired by the artist including song names, album names, or businesses that they founded. To give you a quick idea on how to create your baby’s name, here are a few example: “Yeezus Pastelle” (Kanye West fans), “Yolo October” (Drake fans), or “Magna Hova” (Jay-Z fans). If you’re a die-hard fan there’s no question your kids will be too.

  • Cry When Meeting Your Favorite Artist

    Being the #1 fan means that you truly love the artist. After years and years of dreaming about meeting them it’s only right to let out a few tears when that day finally comes. Don’t hold back because you never know when the next time this opportunity will happen. Tell him or her how you feel and what how they have impacted your life. I’m sure that it will make them happy and forget that you are crying in front of them.