• DJ Gina Turner’s Feel Good Songs
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  • DJ Gina Turner's Feel Good Songs

    DJ Gina Turner is a household name in New Zealand. While most of the artists she loves to spin come from all over the world, her brand of high-energy house music and minimal techno has helped put New Zealand’s electronic scene on the map. We caught up with the enchanting DJ to rack her brain (and iTunes library) for the songs that help her have a good time. Whether she’s playing them in front of a crowd or driving with all her windows down, these are the five songs that help pick her up no matter what. Click through the list above to listen to DJ Gina Turner’s Feel Good Songs Playlist and keep up with her latest on Twitter.
  • 1. Gina Turner, "Giovanna"

    "This song was the first song I released on my own label, Turn it Records. It means a lot to me, as my cousin Giovanna played the guitar on it! I Always try to play this version or the Van Toth Remix in my sets."
  • 2. Nouveau Yorican, "Chiuso"

    "I made this track as a collab with Laidback Luke on our Nouveau Yorican project. It ooozes summer to me and works well with my Giovanna Track."
  • 3. John Roman & Gina Turner, "Dance for me"

    "Whether it's played by the pool, at a beach party, or at an afterhours at 5am, this track really makes you move."
  • 4. Aaliyah, "One In A Million"

    "Three words: Top Down Convertible. I don't drive a convertible, but this track reminds me of summer nights driving through the suburbs of Manhattan where I grew up, with all the windows down."

  • 5. Two Without Hats, "Try Yazz"

    "Fire hydrant block party in the New York City streets. That's all this track makes me want to go to when I hear it." Can't get enough of DJ Gina Turner's selects? Check out her recent Diplo and Friends mix for BBC Radio 1