Australian pop singer Catherine Kelleher aka Catcall has taken the viral airwaves by storm with her hit single “Swimming Pool,” off her debut albumThe Warmest Place, an ambient, pop masterpiece with electro-synth harmonies that speak to Catcall’s love for ’80s pop.

The Warmest Place is a compilation of synthesizer keyboard riffs that meld with Catcall’s raspy wail, which varies between alto and soprano from track-to-track. Her lyrics often espouse a sense of joyful hopefulness, especially in songs like, “The World is Ours.” There’s an underlying duality to the tone of the album, because its title was influenced by the sudden death of Kelleher’s father by heart attack in 2006. She explains, “I thought a lot about the idea of what happens after you die. And so The Warmest Place became this place where my Dad was, and he was safe there.”

Kelleher first got her start in the DIY punk group Kiosk, which toured the US in August 2006—but it’s clear she’s suited to be a solo artist. She falls somewhere on the spectrum between the raspy melancholy of Florence and the Machine and the upbeat dynamism of ‘80s sweetheart, Cyndi Lauper. Despite such comparisons, Catcall is carving out a niche for herself in the pop community as a unique player able to mix a series of musical elements without overwhelming her sound.

Watch the video for “The World Is Ours,” above and keep up with the latest on Catcall’s Facebook page.