• Five Electro-Pop Artists To Listen To Right Now
  • 1 Five Electro-Pop Artists To Listen To Right Now
  • 2 Five Electro-Pop Artists To Listen To Right Now
  • 3 Five Electro-Pop Artists To Listen To Right Now
  • 4 Five Electro-Pop Artists To Listen To Right Now
  • 5 Five Electro-Pop Artists To Listen To Right Now
  • Five Electro-Pop Artists To Listen To Right Now

    Sometimes all it takes to get down is some high energy pop music with a kick of synth. Since the '80s dance music has been bubbling up in the cracks between every different genre. Taking pop music and running it through a computer to add some extra kick is standard practice in today's music scene. But summer smash hits like "I Love It," don't come along everyday, we rounded up five bands who are likely to come through with major tunes in the coming year. Take a look at some of electro-pop's best up-and-coming artists from the streets of New York to the pubs of Scotland.

  • 1. Faded Nights

    NYC-based group of producers Mike Testa and Matt Carapella and engineer, Steve "Rock Star" Dickey have already gained quite a following in NYC. Their first single "Moon Rocks" featuring Sammy Watts off their debut EP The Faded gives off a ‘90s pop sound with a foundation consisting largely of simple, looped electro-synth harmonies. Sammy Watts' vocals are reminiscent of ‘90s trance star Sonique and singer Vanessa Mason from The Real McCoy.

    Take a listen to their first single "Moon Rock" above.

  • 2. Astro

    Straight out of South America by way of Chile this group is taking the international airwaves by storm. They signed with iconic industry mentor L.A. Reid and have been one of the headlining stars at this year's Alternative Latin Music festival. They have drawn comparisons to Prince and MGMT though their upbeat, fun sound that differentiates them from the heavier, more melancholic electro sounds that we know MGMT for.

    Check out "Ciervos" off their self-titled album above.

  • 3. Does It Offend You,Yeah

    DIOYY's colossal sound is created only via live instrumentation--and what a sound. Regulars on the festival circuit, they've opened for the likes of Nine Inch Nails and more. The band's origins are based in Britain but they're gaining a following abroad as well. Listen to their song "Dawn of the Dead," above and don't let the song title discourage you, it's still a party!

  • 4. Lights

    Lights AKA Valerie Poxleitner is a cute brunette who is emerging from Toronto as one of this year’s most upbeat electro-pop artists with her uptempo style and girl next door looks. Lights’ jams are perfect for your summer road trips. As the daughter of a missionary, Poxleitner has spent time just about everywhere including the Philippines and Jamaica. Her song "Toes" is her second single off her album Siberia and it's definitely a favorite. Take a listen and dive into the fun, quirky electro-pop sound that Lights is becoming known for.

    Take a listen to her single "Toes" above and try not to get too addicted off the first play!


    This Scottish electro-pop group has already begun to make quite the name for themselves with their debut EP Recover. The band, whose name is pronounced “Churches,” have opened for Passion Pit and performed in the US for the first time at SXSW 2013 this past March. Their introspective sound does not detract from their electro-pop sensibilities but instead adds substance and separates them from some of their European peers like Britain's Lorde.

    Take a listen to their second single "Gun" above and prepare to be swept away.