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    News flash: we’re in the middle of barbecue season—the quintessential backyard party. But you already knew that. You’ve probably been to one or two yourself. Heck, you might have even hosted one at your place. Well, practice makes perfect, and every barbecue you have is another experiment towards getting things just right next time. Think about throwing on these beats throughout your next party to move the crowd. We put them in order for you from start to finish to help you keep the party flowing just right.

  • 1. Elvis Costello & The Roots, “Walk Us Uptown”

    A London new-waver rocking since the ‘70s and a North Philadelphia jazz/hip-hop group might seem like a strange mix, but for "Walk Us Uptown," the two go together as well as ribs and barbecue sauce. Elvis Costello and The Roots premiered the tune recently as an appetizer to their upcoming full-length collaboration album, Wise Up Ghost. Although rapper Black Thought takes a backseat to Costello's verses on this one, the unique sound of The Roots still comes through in Questlove's elaborate drums combined with jazzy background horns and guitars. Whether “uptown” is in Philly or London, think about throwing this one on to open up your backyard party. Just like the song itself, it will leave guests guessing and excited as to what will come next.

  • 2. Robin Thicke, “Ain’t No Hat For That”

    After everyone's had their fill of burgers and brisket, you're going to need to get them up and dancing. Robin Thicke provides assistance with his new song "Ain't No Hat 4 That." The Canadian-American's upbeat chorus and smooth, soulful voice is perfect to get the young and young at heart off their seats and moving. Thicke reminds you of what’s important as well: "Shopping for your superficial treasures / Stoppin' short of offerin' your heart." This song is an awesome side dish for your summer soirées.

  • 3. Justin Timberlake, “Take Back The Night”

    To end the back yard party right and send people out to the after party in style, try out this new Justin Timberlake track. "Take Back The Night" previews The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2—JT's upcoming album that will be released in late September. As a song leaked just a week after the 4th of July, "Take Back The Night" would be the perfect soundtrack for any backyard bash. In fact, after Justin's recent appearance on Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail—the executive producer for The Great Gatsby soundtrack—don't be surprised if in the near future this song becomes an unofficial mini soundtrack to boot. Timberlake's energetic delivery and the pumping strings behind him fit any feel-good scene, and that includes your barbecue. Try blasting this beat to have your guests working off those calories from the burgers, hot-dogs, and potato chips at the speed of a spilled drink.