• Five Remixes Better Than The Originals
  • 1 Five Remixes Better Than The Originals
  • 2 Five Remixes Better Than The Originals
  • 3 Five Remixes Better Than The Originals
  • 4 Five Remixes Better Than The Originals
  • 5 Five Remixes Better Than The Originals
  • Five Remixes Better Than The Originals

    Everything in life is better when mixed. Milkshakes, smoothies, Chex Mix, fruit cups, you name it! Their transformed states are better than the original components on their own. Sometimes you can apply the same theory to music. A remix is a song that has been edited to sound different. From the pitch of the singer's voice to a slight change in the tempo, producers add their personal style creating a brand new product. Not every remix is the best, but these genius producers know how to flaunt their skills and make a great song even greater. Here are Five Remixes Better Than The Originals.

  • 1. Mayer Hawthorne, “Her Favorite Song (Large Professor Remix)”

    While Mayer Hawthorne’s record “Her Favorite Song” satisfies with its charming tale of loneliness and groovy production, hip-hop producer Large Professor gives the song a whole new vibe with his remix. A veteran artist who has worked with notable names like Nas and Busta Rhymes, Large Professor fuses Hawthorne’s falsetto vocals with '90s era boom bap drums, and even adds his own verse as a lyrical cherry on top.

    Check out Large Professor’s remix of Mayer Hawthorne’s “Her Favorite Song” above.
  • 2. Empire Of The Sun, “Alive (Zedd Remix)”

    The only word to describe the Zedd remix of Empire of the Sun's "Alive" is massive. He turns the indie summer tune into a high paced electro anthem. The song pays homage to the original by leaving its smooth vocal track untouched while smashing you in the face with gritty basslines and beat drops. Zedd’s rendition is vastly different but still compliments Empire of the Sun’s vision. Check it out above.

  • 3. Disclosure, “You & Me (Flume Remix)”

    Disclosure took a minimalist approach to their single “You & Me,” combining glitch-synth with Eliza Doolittle’s sweet voice. It’s fleetingly pleasant, capturing a carefree demeanor. For the remix, Flume takes it deeper. The beat is filled with emotion, stabbing violins and stark drums drive the song to new heights. It almost reaches hip-hop territory, but that’s the accomplishment of Flume’s rendition; he makes it sound so worldly.

    Check out Flume’s remix of Disclosure’s “You & Me” above.
  • 4. Woodkid, “I Love You (Pharrell Remix)”

    Woodkid's rendition of “I Love You” is arguably one of the strongest tracks on the I Love You EP featuring female rapper Angel Haze who flaunts her skills like a pro. However, when one of the best producers of the generation, Pharrell, adds his own musical goodness to a song it’s nothing less than extraordinary. Pharrell turned up the tempo adding pop-driven samples and warm sounding keys while Woodkid’s vocals flutter in-and-out of the beat. He switches up the hip-hop orchestral vibe for a lighter, more cinematic sound. Genius.

  • 5. Phoenix, “Trying To Be Cool (A-Trak Remix)”

    Phoenix’s single “Trying To Be Cool” is as smooth as a rock song can get, with its catchy guitar melody and crisp drums that take over the senses. A-Trak throws caution to the wind with his stellar two-step remix. The Canadian DJ blends colorful synth with lead singer Thomas Mars’ vocals, and when the beat drops, the listener is in for a pulsating celebration of epic proportions.

    Check out A-Trak’s remix of Phoenix’s “Trying To Be Cool” here.