• Five Music And Art Love Affairs Happening Right Now
  • 1 Five Music And Art Love Affairs Happening Right Now
  • 2 Five Music And Art Love Affairs Happening Right Now
  • 3 Five Music And Art Love Affairs Happening Right Now
  • 4 Five Music And Art Love Affairs Happening Right Now
  • 5 Five Music And Art Love Affairs Happening Right Now
  • Five Music and Art Love Affairs Happening Right Now

    It’s no secret that the music and art industries are deeply intertwined, as all creative industries take inspiration from various sources outside of their own niche. Some of today’s biggest musical talents are paying homage to different groundbreaking artists via advertisements, music video inspiration, and more. Check out where some of the ideas for the buzziest musical performances originated, from Lady Gaga's epic "artRave" show to Iggy Azalea’s recreation of a Tarantino flick. Click through the list above and take to Twitter to call out your favorite music/art crossover.
  • 1. Iggy Azalea and Quentin Tarantino

    Tarantino's Priscilla, Queen of the Desert serves as a major source of inspiration for rapper, Iggy Azalea's steamy music video for "Work." A tale of misfits who take a roadtrip through the Australian desert, Azalea identified with the sentiment of trying to fit in. You can imagine that a bleach blonde bombshell like Azalea faced some serious skepticism when she decided to pursue a hip-hop career. She also drew from Tarantino's Death Proof, recreating the infamous lap dance scene acted out by Vanessa Ferlito. In Tarantino's film the scene actually ended up getting cut. Fast forward six years, and Azalea brings it back in full force for “Work.

  • 2. Kanye West and Le Corbusier

    Yeezus is a window into a minimalistic, stripped-down side of Kanye West that we haven't seen much of before now. Fittingly for his new aesthetic, West told The NY Times that a lamp by French minimalist architect Le Corbusier was one of his main points of inspiration during the making of the new album. The two creatives are separated by almost a century, but have similar backgrounds in their fields: Both proposed radical concepts for their time, and continue to be pioneers among their peers.

    If you’re looking for the same sort of influence, you’re in luck. An exhibit chronicling the architect’s greatest works, entitled Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes is on display at MoMA. Visitors get the chance to take a walk through Le Corbusier’s mind in New York’s largest exhibit ever produced on his work, and see just what inspired the man who, in turn, inspired Kanye West.

  • 3. Beyoncé and '60s Pop Art

    While Beyoncé may not have been hitting the stage back in the '60s, a modern take of the era's typographic style of pop art was her inspiration behind the Live For Now campaign. Years after The Velvet Underground & Nico's famous banana album cover was released, the style is still inspiring the music industry in 2013.  Earlier this year, Beyoncé unveiled a pop art-inspired design for a limited-edition run of Pepsi cans.  The design is also featured in a tiled square of four frames, in which Beyoncé engages in different facial expressions. The pop art influence washes her face in an eclectic collection of neon brights. Thanks to her affection for pop art, we now know what Beyoncé would look like with neon yellow hair: Still gorgeous!
  • 4. Miley Cyrus and Christopher Chiappa

    Okay, this one might not be a love affair as much as a one-way crush, but we think it still makes the cut. When we watched Miley Cyrus’ music video for “We Can’t Stop,” we couldn’t help but be a little surprised to see a skull made out of french fries (0:33) get promptly obliterated in a fit of party-driven abandon. The piece references the work of New York artist, Christopher Chiappa. He’s a rising star in the art world, but is still a relatively informed choice for a popstar who probably doesn’t have a ton of time to peruse downtown galleries. According to Kate Werble Gallery, Chiappa and his representation were just as surprised.

    Apparently the video was already shot and released before Miley’s producers contacted Chiappa about about using his concept. The original piece, entitled McMiracles, is a diptych self-portrait of Chiappa ready to indulge in a fast-food spread. The left-hand side depicts an arc of burgers while the right-hand side shows the now-famous french fry skull, referencing the beginning and end of life. And, even though the piece has gotten tons of exposure, it’s worth noting that the original is still for sale. You know what that means—you have a chance to one up Miley!

  • 5. Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons, Marina Abramovic, Inez & Vinoodh, and Robert Wilson

    After almost a year of silence from Lady Gaga, her “little monsters,” (as she affectionately refers to her fans) can rejoice with a momentous return. During a private listening party, Gaga announced details about the release of her forthcoming album ARTPOP, an accompanying app, and a major show with four of the biggest names in the art world right now. The show will be titled “artRave,” what her camp describes as an evening exhibiting Haus of Gaga's projects and collaborations with Jeff Koons, Marina Abramovic, Inez Vinoodh, and Robert Wilson. Though Gaga is no stranger to the art world, this particular lineup is enough to pique the interest of even the biggest Gaga-skeptics.

    The first single from ARTPOP is set for release on August 19, The album and app will be available for pre-order on September 1 and available to the public on November 11. For anyone lucky enough to score an invite to artRave on November 10, we can’t wait to see photos!