• Like Adele? These Five Singers Are For You
  • 1 Like Adele? These Five Singers Are For You
  • 2 Like Adele? These Five Singers Are For You
  • 3 Like Adele? These Five Singers Are For You
  • 4 Like Adele? These Five Singers Are For You
  • 5 Like Adele? These Five Singers Are For You
  • Like Adele? These Five Singers Are For You

    With her powerful vocals and sincere lyricism, Adele is considered one of the premier artists in today’s music scene. The 25-year-old singer touches on love and love lost, and her stories capture an essence of realism that few can match. Those few are spotlighted here.

    It’s clear Adele’s sound has caught on, and these singers have subsequently found a way to integrate her style while still being unique in their own way. Needless to say, if you like Adele, you’ll also love these five awesome artists blazing their own trail.

  • 1. Elli Ingram

    Elli Ingram is a relatively new face to the scene, but her latest EP, Sober, is an impressive project that highlights her eccentric personality and stellar vocals. The 19-year-old has a flare for the upbeat on “Mad Love” and “Elliot,” but she takes her talents to new heights with “High Love,” a riveting synth ballad that gets better with each listen. Elli even does an exceptional cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice.” With this type of range and skill set, expect to hear more good things from Elli Ingram in the near future.

    Click here to listen to Elli Ingram’s “High Love” on Soundcloud.
  • 2. Clare Maguire

    British singer-songwriter Clare Maguire treats her voice like an instrument. Take for instance Clare’s latest single, “Paper Thin;” her vocals shift and bend with a vibrato effect, yet she never misses a chance to emphasize a note or the emotion of the record. It’s that type of command that separates her from the rest, and with her upcoming album dropping soon, we can only expect to hear more powerful tunes from the 25-year-old talent.

    Listen to Clare Maguire’s “Paper Thin” here.
  • 3. Kristina Train

    Kristina Train’s deep, yet angelic voice is all a listener needs to hear to realize her potential. The 27-year-old singer has been slowly building up her repertoire of music over the last few years, with her 2012 sophomore album, Dark Black, proving she has the maturity to match up with her peers. Standout tracks on the project include the heart-wrenching “Lose You Tonight” and the title-track, where her voice glides across the delicate backdrop. This Savannah, Georgia songstress shouldn’t be overlooked come her project.

    Watch the music video for Kristina Train’s “Dark Black” above.

  • 4. Rumer

    34-year-old Rumer has a little more experience than her contemporaries on this list; her soulful vocals and charming demeanor still make it feel appropriate to characterize her as refreshing. Rumer’s 2010 debut album, Seasons of My Soul, illustrated her wide range of content, with an homage to Aretha Franklin and the intimate vibes of “Slow” being standout moments. More recently, Rumer covered a collection of classic hits from the ‘70s on her 2012 release, Boys Don’t Cry.

    Watch the music video for Rumer’s “Slow” above.

  • 5. Selah Sue

    It’s clear from listening to Selah Sue’s 2011 eponymous debut album that the Belgian singer is a talented individual. The project boasts amazing tracks like the funkdafied “This World,” as well as “Break,” an acoustic ballad that showcases her distinct voice and stirring lyricism. She’s since built a strong fan base in Europe, but with a little more time and a new album, this 24-year-old singer will soon become the world star she’s meant to be.

    Listen to Selah Sue’s “Break” above.