Kelly Clarkson's bid to export a ring which once belonged to Jane Austen has been thwarted.

The 'Since U Been Gone' hitmaker purchased the turquoise and gold band for £152,450 at auction in the UK last year, outbidding Jane Austen's House Museum, but the organisation - set up in the late novelist's former home - has managed to raise enough money to buy it from the singer.

Kelly said: "The ring is a beautiful national treasure and I am happy to know that so many Jane Austen fans will get to see it at Jane Austen's House Museum."

Kelly had been keen to take the jewellery item, which comes complete with papers documenting its history, to her native US, but after winning it at auction, an export bar was placed on it by UK culture minister Ed Vaizey until September 30.

A 'Bring the Ring Home' campaign was set up in a bid to raise cash to purchase the band from Kelly, 31, and the museum has been helped by several donations, including an anonymous contribution of £100,000 in August.

Ed added: "It's clear from the number of people who gave generously to the campaign just how admired Jane Austen remains to this day."

Mary Guyatt, curator of the museum, which is based in Hampshire, southern England, said she was "stunned by the generosity and light-footedness" of those who had helped to raise money.

The museum insists Kelly is welcome to visit the ring, which will go on display in the new year, in the near future.