• Name That Voice: Top Five Rising Female Singers in Electronic Music Right Now

    We’re seeing a lot of creativity in electronic pop nowadays, and much of the groundbreaking work is being done by charismatic frontwomen. Talented singers and songwriters are taking cues from the R&B world by pairing up with creative producers to deliver something that seems both familiar and very fresh. Here’s a list of five ladies on the rise who combine their sultry chops with lush production to push electronic pop into the second half of 2013 and beyond.
  • Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge

    If any of these artists sonically resemble '90s R&B divas like Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child, it’s Aluna Francis of nu-R&B duo, AlunaGeorge. Already having made a healthy tidal wave of a splash in their homeland of the UK, AlunaGeorge are gaining plenty of traction this side of the pond as well.
  • Sarah Chernoff of Superhumanoids

    While a collaborative project, Sarah Chernoff’s soft and expressive vocals definitely shape Superhumanoids’ sound. Hailing from Los Angeles, Superhumanoids combine the brooding quiet storm R&B vibes with sunny italo-disco, beautifully showcased in “Bad Weather.”
  • Kelela

    Kelela sounds like Solange, if Solange had entered the scene five to ten years later, and replaced her flower-child aesthetic with a darker, more industrial aura. So far, Kelela’s major hit is her contribution to "Bank Head," off Kingdom's Vertical XL, but she's gearing up for the release of her debut mixtape Cut 4 Me on October 1. With production credits from pretty much the entire Fade to Mind / Night Slugs family, the mixtape comes in as one of our most-anticipated releases in October. In the meantime, stream the latest single, "Enemy," produced by Nguzunguzu above and get acquainted.
  • Banks

    LA-based singer BANKS is busy touring in support of The Weeknd, letting her newly released London EP sink in with her listeners slowly, but surely. The latest single, “This Is What It Feels Like,” is a rain-soaked ballad with enough dirty low end to sink a barge. Since the release of London we’ve been sweating her Aaliyah-indebted smooth Soul-House, and can't wait to see what's next.
  • FKA twigs

    One of the most promising young vocalists to enter the playing field this year is Gloucestershire's FKA Twigs. As slight and unassuming in body--she's a trained ballet dancer--as she is in voice, the melancholic sensuality of her newly released EP2 owes as much to impeccable production from figures New York's Arca as it does her refreshing take on R&B. Our favorite single, “Water Me,” is sincere, lush, and interesting, and the accompanying video acts as a visual placeholder for a rising force in the highly-competitive pool of new R&B artists. The combination of her raw talent, imaginative aesthetic, and knack for pairing with stalwart collaborators set her a cut above the rest. We can't wait to see how this budding seed grows.