12.03am ET

Final thoughts

As I expected the Rays had the starting pitching. Unexpectedly the team that had nine hits didn't manage to score a single run but that's the kind of luck you have to live with in the new Wild Card era. It felt over the moment Asdrubal Cabrera hit into the bases loaded double play in the fourth. It's a tough loss for Cleveland but they got farther than most people assumed they would. Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Rays are headed to Fenway Park to face the Boston Red Sox on Friday afternoon and we'll be here to cover that game at the Guardian. We might even manage to get the Coach to stick around. Meanwhile our MLB playoffs coverage continues tomorrow night when David Lengel covers Pirates at Cardinals at 5pm EST/10pm BST. Hope to see you there, in the meantime all that's left is to say thank you to everyone who read and contributed to today's liveblog! Ciao!

Updated at 12.16am ET

11.53pm ET

Please come to Boston....

So, it will be the Tampa Bay Rays facing the the Boston Red Sox on Friday afternoon at Fenway Park. Final thoughts coming super swiftly.

Disappointed for #Indians. But probably for the best. #RedSox vs #TerryFrancona might have made @HunterFelt/@NotCoachTito's head(s) explode

— Steve Busfield (@Busfield) October 3, 2013

Moreso my heart but yes.

11.50pm ET

Final words from the dugout...

Wow. I forgot how much that hurts.

— Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito) October 3, 2013

11.49pm ET

Rays 4 - Indians 0, FINAL

Chisenhall comes out representing Cleveland's final hope. I won't lie I already have... I can't even say I've already written "FINAL" when he strikes out. THE TAMPA BAY RAYS ARE HEADING TO THE ALDS!

Updated at 11.49pm ET

11.47pm ET

Rays 4 - Indians 0, bottom of the 9th

Rodney falls behind 2-0 on Gomes, the crooked hatted one is a little bit wild here. On 2-1, Gomes pops up to Escobar, his bat breaking into toothpicks.

11.45pm ET

Rays 4 - Indians 0, bottom of the 9th

Fernando Rodney is in to close things out for the Rays. This game has felt so over that I actually called the Rays the Sox a few entries back. But there is no clock in baseball, the team cant afford to look ahead to Boston. Cabrera works a full count and... strikes out. The Rays are two away.

11.39pm ET

Rays 4 - Indians 0, top of the 9th

Pitch Pitchingpitcher gets DeJesus to fly out to Raburn to end the inning. The Rays are three outs from Boston!

11.37pm ET

Rays 4 - Indians 0, top of the 9th

Person Lastname strikes out Jose Molina.

11.35pm ET

RUN! Rays 4 - Indians 0, top of the 9th

But not for long. Escobar singles Zobrist home for an insurance run and Indians fans head for the exits.

11.34pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 9th

Up next, Joe Smith will face Delmon Young... Wait, Joe Smith? Now they're just making up generic fake names. Next out of the bullpen, Terry Francona will bring out Guy White, David Davidson and Tim Ted.

In any case, Young hits a ball right to Chisenhall who can't make the play, Young is safe and Zobrist is at third.

Updated at 11.39pm ET

11.29pm ET

Pitching change

I think this game is officially not dramatic enough to put "Pitching change" in bold at this point.

11.28pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 9th

Okay I was thinking of Cody Eppley. There's a sentence I've never typed. Cody Allen is facing Sam Fuld, OCTOBER BASEBALL EVERYBODY! Fuld strikes out.

11.25pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 9th

There's been a pitching change as Cody Allen replaces Justin Masterson to face Ben Zobrist. Zobrist gets a base hit before I can figure out if this guy used be a Yankee.

11.22pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 8th

And McGee strikes out Ryan Raburn. The voices in Joe Maddon's head proclaim him a genius.

11.19pm ET

Pitching change!

Joe Maddon has lefty Jake McGee face righty Ryan Raburn.

Updated at 11.20pm ET

11.18pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 8th

Michael Brantley hits a long foul fly, which DeJesus catches but not before a dumbass fan throws what looks like a cup of something at him while he makes the out. Joe Maddon comes to the mount to decide which reliever gets to end this umpteenth failed scoring threat.

11.13pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 8th

Carlos Santana gets a solid base hit, makes a turn past fist base but wisely sticks with a single.

@HunterFelt The U.S Govt has denied claims it has archive footage of Swisher making contact with a baseball in October #madconspiracytheory

— Richie Owens (@richiemetsoh) October 3, 2013

Nick Swisher's postseason reputation is a false flag! I N F O W A R S

11.11pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 8th

Jo-El Peralta is back out at the bottom of the eighth to face Jason Kipnis. Something called a Kevin Kiermaier is out in centerfield for the Rays, with Sam Fuld in right. Kipnis pops out to Escobar and DeJesus, Escobar being a complete jerk refuses to let DeJesus call him off and makes the catch.

11.05pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 8th

Chisenhall gets this ground ball off the bat of James Loney, however, and turns a double play. DeJesus hits third base but there are now two outs. And then he steals a hit from Longoria to end the inning, an inning of redemption for young Chisenhall. (Sorry I've been reading a lot of WW2-era sportswriting.)

11.01pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 8th

Wil Myers hits an "infield hit" that Chisenhall probably could have gotten an out on. Everybody's safe and here comes James Loney.

Updated at 11.02pm ET

10.58pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 8th

It's just not been the Indians' night, which would be okay if they actually got a second one. The one-game playoff is a cruel master. Justin Masterson faces David DeJesus the start off the 8th and he takes a pitch and takes his base.

10.54pm ET

Meanwhile in the dugout...

There are things that I've liked about this game that didn't involve Masty but I can't remember them right now.

— Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito) October 3, 2013

10.53pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 7th

Peralta strikes out Swisher on three pitches, and my inner Yankees hater can't help but chuckle.

BREAKING: Joel Peralta has traded the unnecessary syllable in his first name to Jhonny Peralta for the unnecessary H in his.

— Mike Isbored (@mike_is_bored) October 3, 2013

Major league reliever and Superman's dad, Jo-El Peralta.

Updated at 10.59pm ET

10.50pm ET

Pitching change!

Cavett, er Maddon, wants Joel Peralta to face Nick Swisher with two down and two on.

10.48pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 7th

No, no no no no. Dear Cleveland fans: I'm trying to root for you hear, don't do the "Seven Nation Army" chant. Just don't. Micheal Bourn is up at the plate with runners on first and second, have to imagine that this is Cobb's last batter no matter what. Bourn just gets under it, hitting a flyball to Sam Fuld who stayed in the game for defense. And that will indeed do it for Cobb.

Updated at 10.48pm ET

10.45pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 7th

Alex Cobb is now over the 100 pitches mark, no David Price complete game here and Chisenhall knocks a single to put runners at first and second and maybe the last big RBI chance for Cleveland.

Updated at 10.48pm ET

10.43pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 7th

Alex Cobb is back out for the seventh. He get Cabrera to ground out and it's looking more and more like that bases-loaded double play was the key to this game. Cobb could have gotten knocked out of the game, but instead he's out there dealing... Until I jinx him there and Gomes hits a one-out single.

Updated at 10.48pm ET

10.38pm ET

Seventh Inning Stretch

Because the Indians could use any luck they could get here.

10.36pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 7th

Justin, who used to start and relieve for Francona in Boston, strikes out Delmon Young swinging, Escobar grounds out to the pitcher (while Fuld advances to second) and strikes out Molina. Impressive.

Riddle: Could Joe Maddon make a carménère so unquaffable that he himself could not even quaff it? @HunterFelt

— Jeb Lund (@Mobute) October 3, 2013

Okay, noted Rays fan Jeb Lund (of Gawker, Mr. Destructo, Sports on Earth etc. fame) has got me to change my answer: Joe Maddon is actually Rick Moranis as Dick Cavett.

10.30pm ET

Everything Change! Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 7th

Michael Brantley hits a single off Bryan Shaw. Joe Maddon replaces Brantley with the Legend of Sam Fuld on the basepaths and Francona brings former Indians ace Justin Masterson out of the bullpen.

10.25pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 6th

And Ryan Raburn strikes out. Detroit fans are more familiar with that Ryan Raburn. To the 7th!

10.23pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 6th

Up comes Michael Brantley who hits a curve to third base and Longoria easily throws him out. Is Alex Cobb going to aim for a complete game here to tie with David Price here?

10.21pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 6th

Speaking of non-annoying music, here comes Carlos Santana But Not That One. He hits an impressive fly, but it's foul, he then tries to hold up his swing on a ball outisde but Greg Gibson calls him out at third base. Very emphatically.

10.17pm ET


@HunterFelt If we're talking obnoxious percussion, the OAK drummers must be thrown in there. A feeling independent of my dsilike of the A's.

— Elena V (@amariselv) October 3, 2013

Back when I was a young one we had the "stomp, stomp clap" of "We Will Rock You" and that's it, and we were perfectly happy. Okay, so I thought the lyrics were "we will, we will, kick your butt" but still.

10.14pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 6th

Shaw returns to start the top of the sixth and gets James Loney to fly out, Evan Longoria to strike out and Ben Zobrist to line out. An impressive outing by him.

Camera just panned over to Joe Maddon nonchalantly reading Alistair Horne's "A Savage War of Peace." Not even watching the game @HunterFelt

— Jeb Lund (@Mobute) October 3, 2013

I imagine Joe Maddon as the type to read books of history, strategy of philosophy and then completely miss the point, like Kevin Kline in "A Fish Called Wanda".

10.08pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, Bottom of the 5th

And Kipnis grounds out and I think the crowd in Cleveland is now just a black void of despair disguised as a mass of humanity.

10.06pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, Bottom of the 5th

Nick Swisher grounds out to first, but Gomes can gets back to third keeping Cleveland alive. Chisenhall is on second.

10.01pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, Bottom of the 5th

Or Michael Bourn can strike out. One away. Man...

9.59pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, Bottom of the 5th

Chisenhall hits a single and there's runners on the corners with nobody out. Oh hey this could get interesting.

9.57pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, Bottom of the 5th

And just as I write that, Gomes hits a lead-off double to start at the bottom of the 5th, beating a patented annoying Rays shift. There's life for Cleveland yet!

9.56pm ET


RT @RealJordanAcker - @Busfield @HunterFelt - Cleveland sports. Doing this since 1954.

— Steve Busfield (@Busfield) October 3, 2013

I totally just erased a Brandon Weeden joke I was just about to make. I just felt too bad.

9.54pm ET


@HunterFelt how happy are you scrabble is out of the game?? (i chickened out on spelling it)

— Steve (@stevo1270) October 3, 2013

I had flashbacks of writing about Doug Mientkiewicz.

9.53pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 5th

And Molina tries to steal second and promptly gets thrown out to end the inning. Did he forget he was a Molina?

9.51pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 5th

And Shaw strikes Myers out. Wil Myers is having a rough game, I blame his lack of proper amount of "l"s.

9.50pm ET

Another pitching change!

Terry Francona wants Bryan Shaw to face Wil Myers.

9.48pm ET


@HunterFelt I have no attachment to either team, but having to pick I'd go with Cleveland. Better unis, and drum guy prolly tops DJ Kitty.

— Elena V (@amariselv) October 3, 2013

Thanks to the Tropicana cowbell orchestra, the drum guy is somehow now only the second most annoying percussionist in baseball.

9.47pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 5th

"Scrabble" as Marc Rzepczynski is nicknamed for obvious reasons, gets ahead of DeJesus 0-2, but then throws three straight out of the zone. With a 3-2 count, Scrabble gets DeJesus to foul one off and then strikes him out. Wil Myers comes to the plate and that will be the end of Rzp- Rzepchky... er, um, that guy.

9.43pm ET

Pitching change

Marc Rzepczynski is for the Indians and you'd better believe that I cut-and-paste that name. He will face Delmon Young

9.41pm ET


Who among us has the chops for a solid TB Sheets riff in a game recap? Is it @HunterFelt? Prolly. (s/t to @jeremydlarson for the idea)

— Chris Collision (@cfCollision) October 3, 2013

If Tampa Bay falls into a hole at some point this postseason, I may give it a whirl. However, it's starting to look like this will never happen.

9.40pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 5th

Jose Molina, who will somehow get all the credit in the media for that game-saving double play that got the Rays out of the bottom of the fourth is up to start the fifth. He takes a walk after falling behind and that will do it for Danny Salazar, as Terry Francona comes out of the dugout.

9.36pm ET


Well, that went from overexcitement to deflating very quickly #Rays vs #Indians @HunterFelt @GdnUSsports

— Steve Busfield (@Busfield) October 3, 2013

You could hear the air leave the ballpark.

9.34pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 4th

So, hey Asdrubal Cabrera, you have the at-bat of the game so far. Tampa Bay gets the bullpen warming as they should, but Cabrera hits into a double play that silences Progressive Field. Well then.

9.32pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 4th

Michael Brantley is on first with Ryan Raburn at the plate, the speedy Brantley might be looking to steal here, or at least the Rays think so. They try three pitch-outs trying to catch him, to low but audible Progressive booing. Make that four pitch-outs. After the fourth, Cobb's third pitch misses, making it 3-1 and the next pitch loads the bases. Um, Tampa Bay you are allowed to use bullpen pitchers, you know this right?

9.28pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 4th

Michael Brantley is up with Santana on second he hits what looks like it's going to be a sure hit... but Zobrist smothers it and throws to James Loney and... wait, I guess it still is a hit? Infield hit for Brantley I guess. Santana is at third with one out.

Speaking of hits...

i saw the other carlos santana play vegas for my aunt's birthday party, and all he did was talk about light & darkness & obama --& play hits

— Eric Nusbaum (@ericnus) October 3, 2013

9.23pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 4th

That's more like it, Santana hits a double that Myers can't quite corral fast enough in the outfield. The crowd is back into it, which could be big. The Rays aren't used to crowd noise, they play in Tropicana.

Meanwhile Tito is defending his decision to intentionally walk Young:

Listen it worked didn't it?

— Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito) October 3, 2013

9.21pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, bottom of the 4th

Jason Kipnis is up to start up the second half of the fourth. As a sportswriter, my expert opinion is that the Indians should try to score runs here. Kipnis instead hits a bouncer to second. That won't do it.

9.15pm ET

Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 4th

The Indians intentionally walk Delmon Young with Jennings on second, first base open and two outs in the inning. Which... REALLY? We're intentionally walking Delmon Young like he's Barry Bonds. I thought we were cool, Tito.

In any case, Escobar responds with this blatant insult by grounding out to end the inning, so it worked out but is still stupid.

9.13pm ET

Runs! Rays 3 - Indians 0, top of the 4th

Well, that wasn't a wild pitch. Desmond Jennings hits a double scoring both Loney and Evan Longoria all the way from first base!

Updated at 9.18pm ET

9.12pm ET

Rays 1 - Indians 0, top of the 4th

Zobrist flies to right. Loney makes it to third on the flyball, but Salazar is one out away from getting out of this unhurt, barring a horrific wild pitch/passing ball situation which is why the pitching coach is out right now with the young starter.

9.09pm ET

Rays 1 - Indians 0, top of the 4th

Salazar falls behind 2-0 on Evan Longoria, who hits a single and it's back-to-back hits for the Rays. Could the inexperienced Salazar be tiring?

9.07pm ET

Rays 1 - Indians 0, top of the 4th

Salazar starts the fourth by striking out James Shields. Er, Wil Myers rather... I keep making that mistake, just call me Kansas City. James Loney follow is up with hitting a solid single.

9.05pm ET

Rays 1 - Indians 0, top of the 4th

Well, at least Cobb's not throwing 8-pitch innings anymore? The Indians don't want to deal with yet another complete game from a Rays starter.

Just got a text message from Kevin Youkilis: "You can't let a Delmon Young HR be the difference, you just can't."

— Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito) October 3, 2013

From a member of the Tribe...

Updated at 9.05pm ET

9.01pm ET


@HunterFelt I am in the bleachers at Progressive field and I caught Young's 'HR'. Umps reusing to review it.

— Richie Owens (@richiemetsoh) October 3, 2013

I'm not sure if I believe you, that sounds more like what a Pirates fan would do.

9.01pm ET

Rays 1 - Indians 0, bottom of the 3rd

With a runner on base here comes Cleveland's prime free agent acquisition, er um no offense Tito. He gets to 2-1, still has a great eye for pitches even if he's had a somewhat down year, but he grounds out Loney at first to end the inning. To the fourth!

8.58pm ET

Rays 1 - Indians 0, bottom of the 3rd

Yes I had to cut and paste "Lonnie Chisenhall" here to get the spelling of his name correct. Thank goodness I'm not going to have to cover a Miami Marlins lineup at any point this month. Not that this was a reality. This turns the lineup back to Michael Bourn, who strikes out swinging. Two away, Chisenhall still on first base.

8.56pm ET

Rays 1 - Indians 0, bottom of the 3rd

But Lonnie Chisenhall rips a solid single for the second Indians hit of the game.

8.54pm ET

Rays 1 - Indians 0, bottom of the 3rd

Yan Gomes, who has taken the starting catcher job from Carlos Santana, starts off the bottom of the third for the Indians. He runs a full count and then gets good wood on a Cobb offering but DeJesus hauls it in before he hits the wall. It's just an out.

8.49pm ET

Rays 1 - Indians 0, top of the 3rd

David DeJesus works a full count after looking foolish while falling behind 0-2 to start the at-bat. He fouls off the next Salazar offering, which is 99 mph and then finally ends the inning by flying out to Raburn in the outfield. Rays strike first though.

8.45pm ET

Rays 1 - Indians 0, top of the 3rd

So Ryan Raburn and Delmon Young are the offense so far, thoughts Detroit? Salazar gets Escobar to fly out so he's gotten at least one of the two out. Sigh. Jose Molina, shocker he's a catcher then follows up by grounding out.

8.42pm ET

HOME RUN! Rays 1 - Indians 0, top of the 3rd

Delmon Young leads off the third with a home run off of Salazar for the first run of the game. "Let them call THAT an out!" he thinks to himself as he rounds the bases.

8.39pm ET

Behind the dugout...

I am prepared to make history as the first manager thrown out of a Wild Card play-in game if needed. Don't test me umps.

— Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito) October 3, 2013

8.38pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, bottom of the 2nd

And it's Asdrubal Cabrera up with Raburn on second, he hits a liner but Jennings can get hold of this one and that's all the threatening Cleveland does this time around. To the third!

8.35pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, bottom of the 2nd

Ryan Raburn gets to a 2-1 count on Alex Cobb, which I think is the first hitter's count here? He fouls off the next pitch and then takes a ball and we yes we have a full count. Raburn hits a ball that goes under Jennings' glove and Raburn has the first hit of the game, a double none-the-less!

Updated at 8.40pm ET

8.33pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, bottom of the 2nd

Up next is Michael Brantley. We *almost* have our first hit of the game as Brantley wallops a Cobb change-up but it's a line drive right to Jennings.

8.32pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, bottom of the 2nd

Carlos Santana is up to start the bottom of the second for the Indians, definitely the coolest of the "Same Name As A Rock Star All-Stars", sorry Kenny Rogers and Corey Hart. Santana falls down 0-2 to Cobb who then hits a bouncer to Longoria. One down.

8.28pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, top of the 2nd

Ben Zobrist is up and he pops out to third as does Desmond Jennings. That's nine pitches for the second inning. On one hand I appreciate the quickness, on the other hand I have the feeling this one could be tied in like the 16th inning.

8.26pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, top of the 2nd

Evan Longoria comes to the plate, he's been having another great year for the Tampa Bay Rays, he has bounced back rather well following the high profile divorce from Tony Parker. Salazar make him his third strikeout victim of the night, completing it by throwing to the catcher Gomes just in case because nobody trusts this home plate umpire already.

8.23pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, bottom of the 1st

And already we have controversy in this game. This seems to always happen. Last Wild Care game I did was all about the Infield Fly Rule.

@HunterFelt The atmosphere at these one-offs has been incredible. Lucky this one wasn't at the Trop,the Rays fan mightn't have been up to it

— Paul McGrory (@paul6701) October 3, 2013

But what if they give him a whole bunch of cowbells?

8.21pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, bottom of the 1st

Jason Kipnis hits a tapper back to the mound and in just eight pitches, Alex Cobb has gotten through the first inning.

8.20pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, bottom of the 1st

And here comes Terry Francona to argue. Man have I missed seeing this. Tito has a point here, they got the call right, but it's rather unusual to see this call being made by committee. The chat is brief though.

8.18pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, bottom of the 1st

Nick Swisher is the Cleveland Indians' number one pitch, which gives me a chance to dust off my old "Baseball Raffi" joke. Cobb gets two outs and Swisher fouls tips it into Jose Molina's glove which means he should be out but the home plate umpire completely misses it. Yup, he's just annoying as an Indian as a Yankee. The umpires confer and they actually get this one right, to the shock of Delmon Young, and Swisher is called out.

8.15pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, bottom of the 1st

Michael Bourn swings at the first pitch from Alex Cobb and just like that Cobb has a first out. Hey I like the pace of this game already.

8.12pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, top of the 1st

And Salazar strikes out James Loney, so that's two strikeouts in the first three batters. Maybe the Indians knew what they were doing in starting the kid.

8.11pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, top of the 1st

Salazar, perhaps a littler nervous about how Bourn read that flyball, decides not to give anything for Wil Myers to put into play, and picks up his first strikeout of the game.

8.09pm ET

Rays 0 - Indians 0, top of the 1st

David DeJesus hits a long flyball off of a Salazar but Michael Bourn reels it in in centerfield for the first out of the game.

8.07pm ET


@HunterFelt love the rays, plucky underdog, lets rays the roof!! ( admittedly its impossible in cleveland but i love that pun)

— Steve (@stevo1270) October 3, 2013

8.06pm ET


Delmon Young and Ryan Raburn? On opposite sides? I feel like this game demands commentary from Detroit Tigers fans.

8.04pm ET

Well. Any postseason game you get to play in is a good one. That's what I've learned the last few years.

— Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito) October 3, 2013

You said it, coach.

8.01pm ET

Also this

Who wants to see Tito stick it to Henry in his own house? Let's go Tribe!!!!! @GdnUSsports @HunterFelt

— David Lengel (@LengelDavid) October 2, 2013

7.58pm ET

An admission

I find the Tampa Bay Rays to be somewhat less lovable this go around, and not just because I'm a Boston resident who is still recovering from 2011. As part of their search to find affordable parts, Tampa Bay has brought in some players unwanted for behavioral issues, whether it's anti-Semite Delmon Young, birther Luke Scott or homophobe Yunel Escobar. And don't get me started on the loathsomeness that is Josh Lueke.

So, yeah, I'm rooting for the Indians here despite their hideously racist logo.

Updated at 8.13pm ET

7.51pm ET

And Tito checks in..

Just shook hands with Joe Maddon and said "May the best coach win" and he did a fist-pump and said "I got this in the bag then!"

— Not Terry Francona (@NotCoachTito) October 2, 2013

7.47pm ET


So who does everybody have tonight? It's pretty hard to call a one-game series, if the playoffs are a crap shoot a one-game playoff is just plain... Well you can finish that sentence. I'm going with the Tampa Bay Rays, although I think clearly my heart is with the Cleveland Indians here, they just have the better starter on the mound. Maybe Rays 5, Indians 2. Your thoughts? Email hunter.felt.freelance@guardiannews.com or tweet @HunterFelt with who you think will win and why.

7.39pm ET


Okay, so Michael Bourn will be playing for the Indians tonight, there was some talk that he'd be too injured.

Tampa Bay Rays

1. D. DeJesus, LF
2. W. Myers, RF
3. J. Loney, 1B
4. E. Longoria, 3B
5. B. Zobrist, 2B
6. D. Jennings, CF
7. D. Young, DH
8. Y. Escobar, SS
9. J. Molina, C

Cleveland Indians

1. M. Bourn, CF
2. N. Swisher, 1B
3. J. Kipnis, 2B
4. C. Santana, DH
5. M. Brantley, LF
6. R. Raburn, RF
7. A. Cabrera, SS
8. Y. Gomes, C
9. L. Chisenhall, 3B

Updated at 7.39pm ET

7.36pm ET


Hey @HunterFelt - forgive me, but for the #Rays, #Indians, and the rest of us, isn't it hump day? http://t.co/FKJKxRy2g7 @GdnUSsports

— David Lengel (@LengelDavid) October 2, 2013

Okay now I finally get all of those camel posts on my Facebook today! Humps! Camels!

6.56pm ET


Romney's gonna take this one in a walk off. RT @GdnUSsports: MLB liveblog: Rays vs Indians Send your predictions to @HunterFelt

— Jeb Lund (@Mobute) October 2, 2013

I'm sorry but Mitt Romney doesn't have a very good history of winning in Ohio.

Updated at 7.34pm ET

2.35pm ET


Yo, Evan Longoria, we heard you liked win-or-go-home games at the end of the season, so we scheduled you to play in an elimination game needed just to get into to an elimination game!

Yes, the Tampa Bay Rays, as they always do, took the hard road to get into the postseason, but they finally made it on Monday thanks in part to star third baseman Evan Longoria's seventh career last day of the regular season home run. Wait, did I say the Rays were in the MLB Playoffs? Well, they are, but only sorta. Now that we're in the second year of the new Wild Card system, there's a Wild Card game which means that the Tampa Bay Rays are going to have to win tonight against the Cleveland Indians just to get the pleasure of facing the Boston Red Sox in the American League Division Series. Don't feel too sorry for the Actually In St. Pete Rays, in the old system they would have been completely out of the playoff picture. Partly because of the magic that the Rays performed at the end of the 2011 season, where they staged a thrilling comeback against the New York Yankees' b-squad to eliminate Terry Francona and the Boston Red Sox on the last day of the regular season, MLB decided that the more teams being in it until the very end of the season the more fun it was.

Someone who didn't have very much fun that day, of course, was Francona, who was promptly fired after the Boston Red Sox finished up the biggest September collapse in baseball history. Well, he's got a chance to get revenge on the Tampa Bay Rays tonight because, after a brief spell as an ESPN broadcaster, he returned to managerial duties and took the reigns on a Cleveland Indians team that nobody was expecting to do much. The Indians, who also picked up high-priced free agents Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn during the offseason, responded with a surprisingly strong season, including an end of the season ten-game win streak that got them into the postseason. Well, again, sorta. They've only been guaranteed the one game right now, but if the Indians can beat the Rays, Francona will get a chance to seek revenge on his old club in the ALDS and finish up the greatest debut season any Indians manager has had since the late, legendary Lou Brown.

And yes, since the Indians are in the MLB Playoffs (sort of) for the first time since 2007, I imagine that this won't be the last "Major League" clip we use here, which may or may not convince those with an intolerance of 80's comedies to suddenly become Rays fans. In any case we will have Francona, (or, okay, to be more "legally correct" his Twitter parody equivalent NotCoachTito) along with us to provide color commentary throughout the game. Yeah I know he'll be tweeting while he's managing a do-or-die playoff game, crazy right?

Guess who will also be commenting along with him: You! Well, at least if you so desire. Email hunter.felt.freelance@guardian.co.uk or tweet @HunterFelt throughout the liveblog and we'll use your thoughts, predictions, jokes, questions, comments, hints and allegations throughout tonight's game.

Having already used ace David Price in a complete game against the Texas Inevitable Disappointments, the Rays turn to Alex Cobb as their starting pitcher tonight while the Indians will go with 23 year old rookie Danny Salazar, who has just 52 big league innings (but also 53 big league strikeouts) to his name. Can Joe Maddon lead his feisty Rays to yet another win in a do-or-die game or will the Indians channel the success of their fellow tough-luck underdogs in the Pittsburgh Pirates? Find out tonight! It's the Tampa Bay Rays and Cleveland Indians live at Progressive Field with first pitch scheduled around 8:07 EST/1:07 BST. But, as always for our MLB Playoff liveblogs, we'll be back shortly with starting lineups, predictions and, if I get desperate to fill time, a passionate defense of "Major League 2" as a solid comedy despite its problematic racism and the lack of Wesley Snipes.

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