• Like Coldplay? These Five Bands Are For You
  • 1 Like Coldplay? These Five Bands Are For You
  • 2 Like Coldplay? These Five Bands Are For You
  • 3 Like Coldplay? These Five Bands Are For You
  • 4 Like Coldplay? These Five Bands Are For You
  • 5 Like Coldplay? These Five Bands Are For You
  • Like Coldplay? These Five Bands Are For You

    In a little over a decade since releasing their debut album Parachutes, Coldplay has become one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. Whether it’s their ability to create an emotional power ballad or summer anthem that still sounds fresh in the winter time, Coldplay approaches every type of record they make with an unyielding commitment to greatness. With over 65 million albums sold worldwide and seven Grammys to boot, it’s clear that commitment has paid off. Their unique blend of post-Britpop and alternative rock has opened up doors for similar bands to follow in their footsteps. We highlight five of them here who have made the most of their own musical skills and original approach. If you enjoy Coldplay, you’re definitely going to love these five bands.
  • 1. Keane

    Keane got their start a little bit after Coldplay did, and have made great strides over the years to solidify their status as a band that can balance commercial and critical appeal alike. Their 2004 debut album Hopes and Fears is considered a crown jewel in England, and they followed that up in 2006 with the masterful sounds of Under the Iron Sea. More recently, Keane released Strangeland in 2012, which highlights a more mature approach to their musical offerings. “Sovereign Light Café” is a fitting reflection of this maturity, blending a delicate melody and Tom Chaplin’s warm vocals perfectly. The group already have plans to release The Best of Keane album in November of this year, but we suspect they have more incredible records to release just on the horizon. Watch Keane’s music video “Sovereign Light Café,” above.
  • 2. Of Monsters and Men

    Of Monsters and Men are a relatively new band based out of Iceland, but from their first two projects it’s clear they're going places. Comprised of five members and lead by singer/guitarist Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, the group released their debut album My Head Is an Animal in 2011. The project provided a wholesome indie style from Of Monsters and Men, with notable tracks being “Dirty Paws” and the vibrant folk rock of “Little Talks.” Where the group really transcends into necessary listening territory is “King and Lionheart,” an anthem-like record that handles itself with stunning grace through Nanna’s commanding vocals and an electrifying melody. Check out Of Monster and Men’s music video for “King and Lionheart,” above.
  • 3. The Temper Trap

    Listening to The Temper Trap, comparisons to Coldplay may not initially seem precise, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find their styles intertwine. The Australian group got their start in 2005, expanding from indie pop to indie rock over the years, and their 2012 self-titled sophomore album is a reassuring piece of art that should bode well for their future. The project tiptoes a line between the synth-based playful tone of “Need Your Love” and rousing tracks like “Dreams” that are driven by lead singer Dougy Mandagi’s deep vocals. The crux of their musical catalog though is “Trembling Hands,” a remarkable track that packs an emotional punch without being over the top. Watch The Temper Trap’s music video “Trembling Hands,” above.
  • 4. Young the Giant

    With a focus on layered melodies and a knack for catchy hooks, consider Young the Giant the American version of Coldplay. Their catalog isn’t that deep, in fact it basically starts and ends with their 2010 eponymous debut album, but that alone warrants a look from the California-based rock band. The project is ripe for a curious listener, with tracks like “Apartment” and “Islands” displaying their musical range between cheerful tunes and hollow ballads that linger after the fact. Young the Giant are currently at work on their as-yet-titled sophomore album. If it’s anything like their debut project, hopes are very high that they’ll continue to impress. Watch Young the Giant’s music video for “Apartment,” above.
  • 5. Thirteen Senses

    Thirteen Senses’ lead singer Will South may draw more comparisons to Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie than Chris Martin from a vocal standpoint, but their overall sound bleeds Post-Britpop. Take for instance “The Loneliest Star” from their most recent album Crystal Sounds, which takes listeners on a melodic journey. Then there’s “Home,” a song that settles in as a soft ballad and features piercing piano strokes alongside South’s gripping lyrics. With Crystal Sounds in the rearview mirror, Thirteen Senses are currently putting the finishing touches on their fourth studio album. Check out Thirteen Senses’ music video “Home,” above.