In today's Tweet Beat, Rebel Wilson explains how she keeps that body TIGHT, Jane Lynch remembers Cory Monteith and Mario Lopez might have revealed his secret sense of humor.

This is the third shower in a row that I've used dog shampoo. If it's all gonna fall out, today is the day!

— Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) October 9, 2013

I like how Britney says "party in France" as if all of France is a party destination.

— Diablo Cody (@diablocody) October 9, 2013

If I ran Facebook, there'd be a huge Sally Field "You Like Me. You really Like Me" campaign.

— Joshua Malina (@JoshMalina) October 9, 2013

Never underestimate the power of a good nap... Even 20 minutes makes a difference.. I can't survive without em #ShuttingItDown

— Mario Lopez (@MarioLopezExtra) October 9, 2013

I haven't received any offers in the US to lose weight..and even if I did, right now I'm way too focused on doing Super Fun Night x

— Rebel Wilson (@RebelWilson) October 9, 2013

I never wanna be too unhealthy though, so even though I like desserts (clearly), I still try to exercise e.g walk to shop to get ice-cream

— Rebel Wilson (@RebelWilson) October 9, 2013

@Mama_Cougar oh yeah I do mermaid dancing once a month at least x that counts as cardio x

— Rebel Wilson (@RebelWilson) October 9, 2013


— Abigail Breslin (@yoabbaabba) October 9, 2013

I am learning the hard way that Jews aren't meant to play football. I'm more likely to catch walking pneumonia than an actual ball today.

— Josh Gad (@joshgad) October 9, 2013

Guess what day it is?!!!!!!

— Andre Carter (@mr_carter93) October 9, 2013

@myownbossss hump day!!!!

— Andre Carter (@mr_carter93) October 9, 2013

Your girlfriend would rather you punch her in the tit than buy her a birthday present that was on sale.

— Neal Brennan (@nealbrennan) October 9, 2013

Kris Jenner is fighting to get sole custody of publicity

— David Spade (@DavidSpade) October 9, 2013

Thank you for Entertainment 720, Parks & Rec. I reference it about once a week. Especially useful when trying to describe LA businesses.

— Gillian Jacobs (@GillianJacobs) October 9, 2013

Aids walk this weekend in LA, Sunday!

— Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) October 9, 2013

This evening I will be on The Tonight Show. The second guest is Ann Romney and I imagine we'll have amazing chemistry

— Whitney Cummings (@WhitneyCummings) October 9, 2013

Gonna learn how to make a battery today, incase I get sent back in time and need to explain to someone how all these electronics work.

— Nicholas Hoult (@NicholasHoult) October 9, 2013

Lotta love for my phone case. Was a gift from the guys at Marvel when I went to their NYC office to discuss...I've said too much.

— Simon Pegg (@simonpegg) October 9, 2013

@JasonBiggs there you are!!

— natasha lyonne (@nlyonne) October 9, 2013

@JasonBiggs: I wonder how much semen it would take to fill up one of Mario Lopez's dimples.” Definitely more than that pie of yours... :)

— Mario Lopez (@MarioLopezExtra) October 9, 2013

obsessed with miley's new album!!¡!

— Rebecca Black (@MsRebeccaBlack) October 9, 2013

Lady next to me at this deli just ordered a bagel with cream cheese and bacon. She seriously doesn't give a f#%k.

— Dave Hill (@mrdavehill) October 9, 2013

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I'll reply to em all as soon as I find my slippers and stretch out this dodgy hip.

— chris o'dowd (@BigBoyler) October 9, 2013

A flower cap & bedazzled bathing suit. Guess who! @TheWeightSaint Be sure to donate!

— Diana Nyad (@diananyad) October 9, 2013


— ROBERT Kardashian (@robkardashian) October 9, 2013

AURA lyric video is coming by Robert Rodriguez' MACHETE KILLS. It is late because I had it re-mixed+mastered. Blame me I'm a perfectionist!

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) October 9, 2013

Tracklist is late because 2 songs are cockfighting for the #12 spot. I'll let u know which cock wins at 9pm tonight :) get out the champagne

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) October 9, 2013

The older I get, the more I’m like “Skirts? Yeah right.”

— Kristen Bell (@IMKristenBell) October 9, 2013

A Fish Called Wanda Sykes #AddAWordRuinAMoive

— Justin Long (@justinlong) October 9, 2013

I don't think I've ever been more over paparazzi and everyone judging me on every damn thing

— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) October 9, 2013

Not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you have till the end

— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) October 9, 2013

Finn is my bestsie's @LauraCoyle13 doggie. Not purposely named after Cory but now a "happy accident".

— Jane Lynch (@janemarielynch) October 9, 2013

"It's never too late to become the person you were meant to be & want to be" True

— kathy ireland (@kathyireland) October 9, 2013

About time. #rapeculture RT @emilyslist: School official indicted for covering up Steubenville rape

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) October 9, 2013

omg....maybe my sexy friend is on here!!!

— ke$ha (@keshasuxx) October 9, 2013

I've been successfully marketed to by that new Tom Hanks movie.

— Zach Braff (@zachbraff) October 9, 2013

...and @pagetpaget stopped by to help me entertain Jonathan Banks...#Community

— Alison Brie (@alisonbrie) October 9, 2013

@ChelseaVPeretti Jew and pain usually.

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) October 9, 2013

I over indulge on wine on occasion &have made my mistakes.I am a great mom,friend, &daughter.I need rehab?Or duz someone just need ATTENTION

— Brandi Glanville (@BrandiGlanville) October 9, 2013

Alcoholic is just one of the many labels Joyce put on me to give herself a story line.Oh don't get me started! Watch&See

— Brandi Glanville (@BrandiGlanville) October 9, 2013

Whoa,Cant remember working this hard on publicity tour...since,..Well..HMmm ...EVER.Thought Believe was Hard �� Burlesque,Was a Bunch of Us��

— Cher (@cher) October 9, 2013

This is a joke but: Title for my third book, "SORRY is a five letter word that is highly overused

— Kelly Cutrone (@peoplesrev) October 9, 2013

I'm soooo excited for Halloween. Its gonna be good this year!

— Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) October 9, 2013

Love this clip from .@DonJonMovie

— Tony Danza (@TonyDanza) October 9, 2013