• The Best Touchdown Celebrations in the NFL

    Many NFL players have engraved themselves in public memory forever, AKA on YouTube, with charming celebratory antics after scorching the opposition on an offensive possession. Legends such as Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, and Chad Johnson have transcended the art of touchdown dances by taunting their opponents in innumerable ways. As we dig deeper into the 2013-2014 season, here are a few notable stars that show their touchdown celebrations are as poignant as their skills.

  • Victor Cruz

    Victor Cruz is one of the premier receivers in the NFL. After being undrafted in 2010, Cruz signed with the Giants and quickly became a viable target for Eli Manning. The precocious receiver has garnered massive respect from New Yorkers especially among the Hispanic community for his snazzy salsa moves--he's Puerto Rican. In honor of his grandmother, he salsas after every touchdown grab in the end zone. Fans and fantasy draft owners alike hope Cruz can continue to land in the end zone, because it only means more salsa dancing for the talented receiver.
  • Aaron Rodgers

    After primarily serving as Brett Favre’s backup during his early years in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers has blossomed gracefully into the league’s highest paid player. After touting impeccable stats ranging from his 2011 and 2012 seasons and winning a Super Bowl back in 2010, it shouldn’t be a surprise why Rodgers epitomizes greatness. Rodgers is brasher in his celebrations. He channels his inner WWE self and pretends to emphatically place a championship belt around his waist. The move is dubbed the “Championship Belt.” His teammate Greg Jennings in a past interview said: "It's just something fun that he does. We get excited when we see it cause we know that he's made a play or we've made a play as offense.”
  • Tony Gonzalez

    Don’t be fooled by Tony Gonzalez’s age. Granted, the 13-time Pro Bowler has some mileage, but he’s proven time and time again that he only gets better with age. After contemplating retirement from the game forever, Gonzalez backpedaled on his initial decision and decided to return with the Atlanta Falcons for one more season in hopes of capturing a Super Bowl win. Fans are once again be able to relish in sheer delight every time Gonzalez reaches the end zone. After every touchdown, Gonzalez shows off his bungees and dunks the football into the field goal post à la Lebron James. Well, maybe not LeBron, but you get the picture.  The New Orleans Saints’ Tight-End Jimmy Graham has paid homage to Gonzalez on numerous occasions as he also celebrates with the dunk after each touchdown.
  • Stevie Johnson

    The Bills’ boisterous receiver isn’t bashful when stepping onto the field. Stevie Johnson has mainly one objective when playing the game of football and that’s to embarrass the secondary. The former Kentucky Wildcat is known for having a series of celebrations that complement his unpredictability. From mimicking the infamous Plaxico Burress incident to writing Happy New Year on his undershirt to antagonize the Chiefs in 2011, we can only sit and ponder on Johnson’s next move.
  • Jacoby Jones

    As like Johnson, Jones has an array of moves in his arsenal. Not only is he a long ball threat downfield and on returns, but his footwork in the endzone is YouTube worthy. Teams like the Giants, the Steelers, and more notably the 49ers in the Super Bowl, fell victim to the vivacious Jones and his bizarre touchdown dance. His moves were good enough to snag him a Pro Bowl selection back in 2012 and an appearance as a dancer in ABC’s Dancing with the Stars early this year. Let’s hope we can give a name to Jones’ infamous dance since we’ll be seeing plenty more of it this season.