A ton of superheroes had major blockbuster hits in the last few months. If we pitted them all against one another, who do you think would win? Based on summer blockbusters though, Iron Man is planet earth’s favorite protector. [Vulture]

New Orleans bounce queen Big Freedia orchestrated the largest group of people twerking in one place in history in New York’s Herald Square. Twerking for the people! [The Fader]

Are you an up-and-coming YouTube star? Music royalties got you down? Now, thanks to YouTube, nothing stands between you and Internet fame! YouTube launches a background music library that you can set your videos to. [Mashable]

When it comes to building a World Cup Stadium in the Amazon, rain is only the first challenge. [NY Times]

The royal baby gets a teeny-tiny passport. Okay, okay, it’s the same size as an adult’s passport, but doesn’t it just sound cuter this way?  [IB Times]