We’ve all woken up right before the end of a really great dream, unable to remember what exactly happened—maybe we’ll recall a fragment or two but the rest is lost somewhere in our minds. Hunter Lee Soik is about to change all that. The former creative consultant on Kanye and Jay Z’s Watch the Throne tour created a Kickstarter campaign to fund an app which allows you to remember your dreams. Now that the campaign’s goal has been exceeded (by more than $30,000 at that) a whole new world of dreams is about to become a reality.

The goal is simple: Tap into your subconscious to better understand what’s going on while you dream. The app, Shadow – Community of Dreamers, works in three-steps that allow you to wake up, record your dream, and share your dream data with other users around the world. Wonder what guys in Japan dream about? What women in Russia dream about? Soon those mysterious worlds will be accessible no matter where you are on the globe. Congratulations to Soik! Check out the campaign here.