• Mixtapes of the Month: November 2013
  • 1 Mixtapes of the Month: November 2013
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  • Mixtapes of the Month: November 2013

    There was a time when mixtapes were loose collections of songs not good enough to make an album. Those days are over. In 2013, an age where artists recognize that the road to stardom is paved with free music, mixtapes have become full, original bodies of music in their own right.

    But all that free music also means discovering something truly worth your time can be harder than finding a needle in a digital haystack. That’s where our friends at DJBooth.net come in. Their “Mixtapes of the Month” series narrows down the last 30 days (give or take) to five projects guaranteed to ensure the month’s best work doesn’t pass you by.

    So without further ado, here are five new ones for your tape deck, desktop or iPhone.

  • 1. The Procussions, The Procussions LP

    With a name like The Procussions I bet you’re expecting some drum-driven, percussive beats courtesy of the duo’s producer Stro Elliot. Well, shiny gold star for you because there’s some really superb production on The Procussions LP. Sure, they all have a strong drum influence, but what surrounds them is often different and gives the LP its impressive diversity. Of course, no beat is complete without a few bars from a talented emcee; enter hip-hop veteran Mr. J Medeiros and his quality-oriented approach. It should come as no surprise that the duo have been at it since 1998 as they have a palpable chemistry together that gives them that special pop needed to be help them truly stand out. Stream it here.
  • 2. Perrion, From Perry With Love

    NYC artist Perrion titled his new mixtape From Perry With Love for a reason; it sounds like he loves us a whole lot, because he poured his all into this project. There is a little something for every hip-hop fan here, from the grimier “New York, New York” to the breezy feel good “SuperFly”. While each cut might have its own distinct flavor, Perrion’s knack for creating an unforgettable, enjoyable listen is a constant and what makes him one to watch out for. Stream it here.
  • 3. Najee The 1, Under Oath

    Peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, Najee The 1 and Ski Beatz, all combinations made in heaven. While the first two are American staples, the last combo will likely become a hip-hop staple, especially after the world gets wind of Najee’s Under Oath project. Legendary producer Ski Beatz handles all the production on the tape, giving some consistency to the production; the beats might be different but they are consistently fresh. Speaking of consistency, few emcees can master the art like Najee did. His sure-footed, unique delivery engines the project and serves as a link between the varying production. Stream it here.
  • 4. Radical Something, Ride It Out

    Summer is over, but if you just can’t let go of the beach trips, backyard blowouts and that special seasonal crush I recommend you check out Radical Something’s Ride It Out ASAP! Their breezy Cali style is perfect for those grasping at the last bit of nice weather and easy living. Their sound is quite diverse, drawing from pop, reggae and rock, but even the staunch hip-hop heads will find value thanks to the charismatic deliver from the trio’s resident emcee, Loggy. Radical Something’s Ride It Out is the perfect cure for the end of summer blues, just don’t break out the flip-flops and board shorts again. We don’t want you catching frostbite. Stream it here.
  • 5. Fundament, Fundament x Fameless EP

    Some mixtapes have 20 songs, which looks good on the surface, but when half of them are only a minute along or covers, there really isn’t much memorable content. Fundament follows the quality over quantity school of thought on his Fundament x Fameless EP. Though there it is only 5 tracks long, there is much more quality here in every song, thanks to his powerful, unique, and strangely intoxicating vocals. Atop Fameless’ synth heavy beats, Fundament burns his name into your brain with his booming sung rapped style, which should lend itself to endless replays of this short but sweet project.

    Stream it here.