It seems like forever ago that Diego Luna announced his first English-language film as a director: a biographical film about farm-worker-turned-labor-leader-turned-civil-rights-activist Cesar Chavez. Since then, we’ve been anxiously awaiting for more information because we all know that anything Diego and Gael touch turn to gold and lucky for us, we’ve finally got the trailer!

The biopic has been renamed from the simple Chavez to Cesar Chavez: An American Hero - an ode to his status as being a voice for the underrepresented Mexican-American population. Actor Michael Peña is playing the title role, with the rest of the cast including well-known badasses such as America Ferrera (Helen Chavez), Rosario Dawson (Dolores Huerta), Yancey Arias (Gilbert Padilla), and John Malkovich (Bogdanovich a.k.a. the bad guy). The film will follow Chavez as he rises from a farm worker to become a symbol of civil rights for his Mexican-American community. Watch the trailer below and get excited for its April 14, 2014 release!