• Top Five Movie Soundtracks To Dance To
  • 1 Top Five Movie Soundtracks To Dance To
  • 2 Top Five Movie Soundtracks To Dance To
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  • Top Five Movie Soundtracks To Dance To

    Every filmmaker worth the cost of a large popcorn and drink combo knows the power of music as a storytelling tool. Whether it’s an original score or just a killer playlist, here are our top five movie soundtracks that will get the whole party moving.
  • 1. Pretty in Pink

    Featuring a collection of some of the finest new wave had to offer, not only did The Psychedelic Furs play muse to Pretty in Pink with their track of the same name, The Smiths, New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark also came to the prom. Dateless for the dance with nothing to wear? So what. Whip up an outfit on your sewing machine and call your best friend.
  • 2. 24 Hour Party People

    Direct from infamous Factory Records co-founder Tony Wilson’s private playlist, the soundtrack for 24 Hour Party People rips like a tornado through the Manchester music scene of the mid ‘70s to the early ‘90s. Featuring the high-voltage likes of Sex Pistols, Joy Division, The Clash and Happy Mondays, there is no limit to the amount of anti-establishment infused dance moves this album will inspire.
  • 3. Purple Rain

    Not only did Prince star in this ‘80s cult classic, he also penned every song on its killer soundtrack, including major hits ‘When Doves Cry’, ‘Baby I’m a Star’ and of course the film’s face melting title track. Need some dance floor inspiration? Jump on the back of Prince’s bike and let him take you back in time to a way cooler party.
  • 4. Jailhouse Rock

    Talk about the original. The King’s Jailhouse Rock premiered in Memphis in 1957 to mixed critical reviews, mostly directed at his less than favorable persona as Vince Everett, convicted murderer and egomaniac with the voice of an angel. The soundtrack however is rock and roll gold. Highlights include ‘(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care’, ‘Treat Me Nice’ and a little B-side in the name of ‘Jailhouse Rock’ in all its one-take-50s-TV-special glory.
  • 5. Pulp Fiction

    The mixtape to end all mixtapes, Tarantino combines electric oldies with surf-rock’s second coming and peppers it with snippets of unforgettable dialogue from his mid-90s masterpiece. With such sure-fire dance floor sensations as ‘Jungle Boogie’, ‘Surf Rider’ and of course Chuck Berry’s ‘You Never Can Tell’, the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction will have you twisting barefoot before you can say “Mrs. Mia Wallace.”