• Ten Songs To Forget Your Worries To

    A great song can take you to a happy place, remind you of something or someone special or simply inspire you to get up and get things done, even if that just means cleaning out the fridge on a Sunday afternoon. Music’s greatest gift is its ability to uplift and get you through hard times, reminding you that things aren’t all bad. It’s funny what a difference three minutes can really make, whether you’re going through teenage angst, a Miley Cyrus-style transformation (hopefully not so extreme) or working hard to live your dreams to the fullest. So we salute the troubadours, the poets and the rockers that guide us through these times with Ten Songs To Forget Your Worries To.
  • Outkast, “Hey Ya”

    Life can throw you curveballs. The idiosyncratic duo of Andre 3000 and Big Boi know all about throwing curveballs, musically that is, with their brand of emotive and energetic hip hop. You can tell these dudes enjoy what they do, particularly on this pop-leaning gem, where Andre exudes pure joy. This one never gets old.
  • Janelle Monae, “Dance Apocalyptic”

    Few modern artists can claim to be as diverse and musically adaptable as the gifted Janelle Monae. This bouffant-rocking musical chameleon can weave her way through soul, jazz, hip hop and rock, many times in the course of one song. It’s hard to put your finger on how to define “Dance Apocalyptic” or why it’s so addictive but like many of life’s great pleasures it’s something to be enjoyed and not analyzed.
  • Spin Doctors, “Two Princes”

    Living up the name of their 1992 debut album, “Pocket Full of Kryptonite”, this unforgettable anthem packs a punch. Whether you’re a fan of scatting (who isn’t?), driving guitar or slick rolling drums, “Two Princes” is the ultimate guilty pleasure pop song that can get anyone moving. Its bedtime story take on love will have you feeling like Rapunzel or a knight in shining armor in no time and there’s nothing wrong with that. Now beanies with ear flaps, a little harder to defend.
  • Willy Moon, "Yeah Yeah"

    From the moment Willy Moon’s infectious single starts your body will want to move, but there’s no need for alarm. The somewhat unorthodox New Zealand native could very well be the new crown prince of upbeat anthems. He blends suave old school crooner tendencies with hip-hop slang and funky drums to create a cocktail that’s sure to make you wanna dance with the closest “fella” or “dame” in sight.
  • Bob Marley, "Is this Love"

    If there’s one thing you can tell from every Bob Marley song it’s that the man loved life. Whether he was reflecting on it or celebrating it, he managed to balance confidence with vulnerability, which is why his work remains so relatable. Here he celebrates one of the great joys of life, the love of someone special.
  • Sky Ferreira, “You’re Not The One”

    Sky Ferreira never seems to fade away completely. From her pop debut as a young singer, it was clear she had what it takes to really make it as a singer. As her career as a fashion model took off, it was just as easy to pick up a magazine and see her face as it was to turn on the radio and hear her smash hit, “Everything Is Embarrassing.” Now she’s back with a major new hit that is filled with way more of an I-don’t-care attitude than anything we’ve heard from her previously. Not the one? Keep moving, no big deal.
  • Salt-n-Pepa, "Push it"

    Some of the greatest hit songs just that have that “it” factor that you can’t quite define. The “it” and said “pushing” being discussed on this song could be anything. Pushing a shopping cart, pushing away that tempting snack before you have anymore. Salt-n-Pepa’s debut hit means many things to many people and it’s all tied together by that minimalist drumbeat and that oh-so '80s synthesizer sound that you simply can’t ignore.
  • The Stepkids, "The Lottery"

    This genre-bending musical odyssey, which mixes soul with hip hop and Steely Dan-inspired jazz-rock, is like the musical equivalent of a burst of sunshine. Much like their forefathers, this California trio put a breezy, romantic spin on life’s everyday dilemmas. If there’s one thing you can take away from this song it’s that yes things in life are a gamble but sometimes the best things are worth the risk.
  • Bruno Mars, "Treasure"

    No matter where you are or your musical tastes it’s hard to resist a pulsating disco groove. That Bruno Mars is a real charmer and he turns it all the way up with this simple yet groovy dancefloor filler. So put on those dancing shoes and spread the love.
  • Starship, “We Built this City”

    The ‘80s was undoubtedly the era of the inspirational and rebellious anthem. After all, the bands of the era needed all the bravado they could muster to defend their hair and fashion choices. As multi-generational rebels, dating back to the 60s, Starship were the ideal voices to rally up the masses with this ode to good old fashioned emotionally charged music. Fist raising is optional but almost unavoidable when putting this one on.