With only two full seasons under his belt, wideout Torrey Smith of the Baltimore Ravens is having an astonishing career so far. After breaking the Ravens’ rookies receiving touchdown record with seven scores and helping his team win the Super Bowl in his sophomore outing, he solidified his place as a league superstar. This season is shaping up to be Smith’s best performance as of his career. Smith has stepped up as lead receiver and is putting up astonishing numbers on the boards week after week. Did anyone catch his highlight-reel-worthy touchdown against the Bengals to help the Ravens lock in an overtime win this weekend?

As Smith picks apart defenses every week, we wonder what motivates him to put up such impressive numbers. With team motivator Ray Lewis retired, we can only think of only one source, music, and we were right. We caught up with Torrey Smith to find out what the young future-champion listens to before a game to help him get the first down.

“Put On” by Young Jeezy blasts before every game preparing Smith to put on for the city of Baltimore and defend the Ravens previous Super Bowl title. “Ambition” by Wale shows us that he is focused and driven to give his best performance no matter what. His stats can prove it. He sure can relate to Meek Mill “Dreams and Nightmares” because he stays focused on his dream of becoming one of the elite wideouts in the NFL, and his sticky hands and unbeatable speed is a defense’s worst nightmare.

With his playlist stocked and mind motivated, best believe #82 is a notable player to watch this Sunday as the Ravens take on the Chicago Bears this sunday, November 17.

Check out the playlist below to get hyped with Smith and hit the Pepsi #FanEnough stations on Apple iTunes Radio for more player picks.

Ten Songs to Get Torrey Smith to 100 Yards:

1. ”Gotta Make It”by Trey Songz

2. ”All My Life” by K-Ci and JoJo

3. ”Crossroads” by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

4. ”Hustler Musik / Money On My Mind” by Lil Wayne

5. ”Country Gramar” by Nelly

6. ”Put On” by Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West

7. ”Ambition” by Wale ft. Meek Mill and Rick Ross

8. ”Push It” by Rick Ross

9. ”Dreams and Nightmares”by Meek Mill

10. ”Forever” by Drake