Impressive 2014 World Cup host Brazil humbled Honduras 5-0 on Saturday in an international football friendly, showing their Cup-qualified rivals the steep challenge they will face next June.

With typical Samba flair and flashy footwork, the Brazilians used pinpoint passing to humiliate a physical, hard-fouling Central American side before 71,124 spectators at the home stadium of American football's Miami Dolphins - Florida's largest-ever football crowd.

Honduras bumped and fouled in the early going, with playmaker Neymar bearing the brunt of the exchanges, including a spiking from Wilson Palacios that drew a yellow card in the 17th minute.

Bernard opened the scoring in the 22nd minute, charging into the heart of the penalty area from the left wing and taking a perfect centering pass from Paulinho at the right wing.

Dante headed home Brazil's second goal in the 55th minute off a Neymar free kick and Maicon netted his first goal since 2010 in the 66th minute to give Brazil a 3-0 edge.

In the 70th minute, Hulk delivered a deadly set-up pass from the left side of the area to Willian, who tapped the ball home from point-blank range for a 4-0 Brazil lead. But Brazil's playmakers saved their best for last.

Willian, Ramires and Robinho each executed back-heel passes around Honduran defenders near the outer edge of the penalty area that set the stage for Hulk to hammer a left-footed shot into the back of the met from the heart of the area.

Brazil will face South American rival Chile, also bound for the World Cup, in another friendly on Tuesday at Toronto.

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