Every week we feature our favorite Latinos on social media, everything from food to culture and fashion. Check out our picks this week:

1. Mexican Fiesta

Warning! This blog will make you salivate no matter where you are – does that make it NSFW? Either way, feast your eyes on the most delicious of Mexican dishes and find inspiration for tonight’s dinner. The blog features everything from everyday tacos to more complicated dishes like Sopa de Albondigas. With recipes for crowd favorite dishes as well as special holidays, it’s sure to make you nostalgic for your grandmother’s cooking.

2. Quetzalnoah

An engineer by trade but a singer at heart, Quetzalnoah uses every bit of free time for his music – whether it is singing at a taqueria or writing a new song during his lunch break. The results are incredible! His blog is a blueprint of his mind, as lyrics and videos trace his every emotion, taking you along for the ride.

3. Think Mexican

Proof that Tumblr is not only about memes and funny pictures, Think Mexican tries to clarify the historical relevance behind many Mexican traditions. They recently published a detailed comparison between Day of the Dead and Halloween, a distinction that not only educates readers, but promotes the discovery of Mexican culture. You’re sure to find yourself digging deeper on many topics you’ve overlooked before, such as the brilliant Paloma Noyola who is a math genius but lacks the opportunities to develop her potential.