We can’t help but crave the sound of a rising chorus set to a healthy dose of acoustic guitar. Newcomers, U.S. Royalty deliver on all fronts with “Into The Thicket,” the first single from their sophomore LP Blue Sunshine. The Washington, DC-based indie quartet is made up of of singer John Thornley, guitarist Paul Thornley, bassist Jacob Michael, and drummer Luke Adams.

“The idea with this song was to convey something grand and sweeping but use subdued instruments and intimate vocals,” explains Thornley. “We wanted it to feel like a whispered conversation that may be difficult to have but proves to be worth the effort. It’s a love letter.” Who doesn’t need a good love letter in their lives? The heartbeat of a steady drum elevates the earnest, and affection-soaked lyrics to heights that will surely soar onto the airwaves in no time. Expect to see U.S. Royalty popping up in your news feed a lot in the coming months.

Stream the single above and stay tuned for details about the release of Blue Sunshine January 21, 2014.

[Via Magnet Magazine]