• Best Album Art of 2013 (So Far)

    As 2013 rounds its final stretch, this year’s releases are pilling up with more albums on the way. This year in music has been exciting to say the least, from major comebacks, unexpected album drops, to brand new artists, our iTunes library is jam-packed with records and individual album artworks making for an exquisite sight. Album artwork is a key component to an album, it is the look a record is prematurely judged on and captures the theme the artist wants the album to portray. This year has definitely had a plethora of beautiful works and we have them all here for you to enjoy. Head into the list and check out the best album art of 2013 (so far).
  • Disclosure, Settle

    The young English electronic duo Disclosure is known for their lightning-like outlined faces. It’s a recurring design that’s used in their music videos, street campaigns, on merchandise and albums. This time around brothers decided to grace the front of their Settle album but as an even younger them also featuring the lightning outline.
  • Shout Out Louds, Optica

    Simple can sometimes be better and Shout Out Louds Optica cover art is an example of just that. The artwork features an outline of a woman sitting down with the name of the band and record disorganized on the body. The vibrant background is a definite eye catcher and molds well with darkness of the woman’s outline. Simple but intriguing.
  • Foals, Holy Fire

    One word to simply describe the imagery of Foals Holy Fire cover is beautiful. It features a group of people riding wild horses through restless waves in the sunset. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, insert CD and press play.
  • Toro Y Moi, Anything in Return

    Anything In Return is a collection of vast creativity with bigger and poppier sounds and is definitely one of his most creative projects. If explained in a picture it would look exactly like the original album cover. Chaz (Toro Y Moi) partnered up with John Storz to craft the colorful cover. The artwork shows a half hidden Chaz and a colorful array of images.
  • Boards of Canada, Tomorrow’s Harvest

    Tomorrow’s Harvest cover art is simply stunning. Featuring a beautiful and open horizon, the cover art goes hand and hand with the inspiration of the album, which is mortality and an “inevitable stage that lies in front of us,” according to band member Mike Sandison.
  • Kanye West, Yeezus

    Remember when I said simple can sometimes be better? Well nothing beats the Yeezus cover art for simple. Featuring nothing but a piece of red tape around the opening, the cover is a simple as it gets but what lies in the album itself is a chaotic beautiful mesh of music you won't get from any other artist.
  • Sigur Ros, Kveikur

    The greatest thing about the Kveikur cover is that we have no idea about what’s going on the picture but it’s fantastic. It’s mysterious and you draw your own answers about what the artwork means or represents. We could be all wrong and it actually means nothing at all but either way sit back and admire the art.
  • The National, Trouble Will Find Me

    Scott Devendorf is to thank for this unique album cover featuring a woman peering at us halfway underneath a mirror. How did she get there? Why is she even doing it? Who knows, but even with countless interpretations, it certainly makes for a powerful image.
  • Danny Brown, Old

    Danny Brown’s Old cover is definitely a competitor for album cover of the year. The artwork is actually a real piece of art featuring a portrait of a regal and distinguished Brown in a vintage General outfit. The album doesn’t drop until the end of the month but its cover is already an instant classic.